Reader engagement on your blog

read8Engaging your readers can be a tricky part of maintaining your website. You’ve published that well written post, but what’s the next step?

The Infinite Zenith suggested this topic and I was happy to give my take on engaging readers and go next level with your blog.

read1Establishing what the purpose of your blog or website will be is an important part of shaping your blog. You give your blog a direction where it has to go and you can adjust your posts and writing to it. In a world where there is so much to read and watch, specifying will help your followers create an image of your site.

While it’s no shame to diversify your blogging, it is important to bear in mind that your readers have an expectation pattern based on your posting. Try to prepare your readers on what’s to come if you have something big planned out. Using social media such as Twitter can give your readers a taste of posts to come and not leave them wondering why you were writing something out of the blue.

read2Once you’ve decided what to do, you should make it as easy as possible for your readers to navigate. As we speak, is flat design very popular. Just look at the iOS 7 interface or the Android phones visual style. They aren’t over the top with a lot of visual effects, showing of the Photoshop skills of the creator. The power is to deliver simplicity, just like in blogging.

Simplicity doesn’t end with just the navigation on your blog, writing is very important. In our overly rushed and busy lives we don’t want to read entire essays. I’m not a real fan of hardcore analysis of a certain scene or hairstyle in anime series. Keep in mind that this is the internet and not an essay in Nature magazine. Experiment with different lengths of text, properly react and determine or your readers want longer or shorter posts.

read3Social can become a bit tedious after hearing it all day, yet it’s the principle of blogging. The purpose of a blog is to interact with your readers. The power of a good blog is to not only send, but also listen. I’ve left a lot of comments all of over WordPress, yet only a fraction responds to my comments. If you don’t reply to my comment I’m not triggered to visit again or I will forget about your blog. Blogging is a social experience.

A commenter or reader wants to have a feeling he or she is being heard. If you ask your readers to reply in the comment section and you never show up to engage with them it can leave them unfulfilled.

read4If you want to gain a loyal following, but don’t know where to find them, try interacting on relevant blogs. If your blog is centered around gaming, engage on gaming blogs or when your blog is about anime, drop a visit and comment on a relevant blog. You can be certain that your future readers might be on those sites. Having loyal and relevant followers is more valuable than followers with no particular interest in your content.

read5I come across a lot of blogs and sites and what makes a site appealing to return to, is the visual style. While I’ve mentioned navigation, a great deal in good navigation is a well organized site. You should try different themes and color schemes to personalize your little space on the internet. You can try out different themes to fit your style. Readers will appreciate a good looking and organized site.

read7Interacting doesn’t end with your blog. Engage on your blog and other websites. Send your followers a message on MyAnimeList or other relevant sites. There are tons of related sites out there where you can create a profile and start interacting. Social media can help a great deal, such as Twitter. Answer questions or engage in discussions and let your followers know you want to hear what they have to say.

Don’t forget to keep your site appealing, just play out around with different theme. You don’t have to stick with the same look for years. Keep up regular posting to prevent your followers from forgetting that you are still active. I hope I could give some guidance in creating a neat and healthy community for your personal website.


17 thoughts on “Reader engagement on your blog

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Much obliged for the tips dood. I do what I can to keep my blog looking spiffy and make sure not to leave my peeps hanging when they drop by. As for length of my posts…it all depends on how much I have to say.

    • ninetybeats says:

      On the length part, that’s certainly true. The core was to not keep dragging on, as it can become repetitive. It’s important to stay at the core of what you want to say.

  2. Sunite says:

    It was nice reading these tips, they are actually all true and relates to all anime related blog as well as any other topic. Having a somewhat established blog, and reading this just makes me happy to know that there are more things I could be doing to help my own blog to grow! Anyways thanks for the post and *like* and *follow*

  3. milesvibritannia says:

    Awesome tips! Blogging really is a social experience indeed, and I can say for sure that much of my enjoyment of the whole blogging experience comes from the interactions I have with other bloggers and fans who share my interests. Solid content is important for sure, though it won’t get the following it could without the proper initiative to reach out and communicate with others who can connect with the content. It really is a wonderful thing being able to share my thoughts with other people, and if not for the great people I’ve come across in my experience with WordPress, I doubt I would have retained the interest to keep on blogging.

  4. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    I’m a strong believer of “looks do count”. I put a lot of effort on making my blog appealing both to me and to my readers, although sometimes it’s hard for me to be very minimal -I love me some backgrounds. But my biggest struggle comes from the regularity of the content. Being up to date is another advice I have difficulty following especially because I don’t like feeling obliged to produce content that doesn’t bare particular meaning for me and I do this as a hobby and because I like it. Plus I can’t really antagonize people who watch a dozen and more series each season, while I can barely keep up with 5-6, or the big news sources like ANN :/ I wonder if there’s some way of making up for these 2 weaknesses…

    • ninetybeats says:

      The thought of making content is always harder than actually creating it, since there are many factors that are needed to create great content. You need information, a relevant topic or the time to make it. I believe it is easy to underestimate that, but if you’re not up to date with your content, it will end up in the void.

      I don’t try to focus too much on the hip news going around in the anime scene. I sometimes filter something out like a preview that I base on a news article, but I also review series that already aired years ago. It’s the unique touch you give to the content that make it worth reading.

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