Mardock Scramble Trilogy Review: Broken poker face

mardock6Psychopaths have always been and always will be. Just like in the futuristic Mardock Scramble in which Rune-Balot tries to hunt down her killer. A bloody and trippy ride is set in motion in three movies.

The Mardock Scramble franchise comes from the studio GoHands who was also the creator of K. K received  mixed reviews, but the element K and Mardock have in common are the astonishing visuals that shape the world of both franchises.

mardock1The fifteen year old Rune is left to die in a burning car set to flames by her killer Shell, who turns his victims in blue diamonds. Rune-Balot is saved from this end by Dr. Easter and Oeufcoque who introduce her to the Scramble program to bring crime to a halt in the futuristic city of Mardock.

Watching this show gave me a vibe from The Killing, in which an innocent girl is left to die in a car. In this case Shell targets young girls and kills them in the most gruesome ways imaginable. As the gruesome acts are wrapped up in graphic detail, your emotions react and questioning the underlying motifs that drive a killer to these acts.

This emotional ballast is transported throughout the movies with flashbacks. Flashbacks that pass by swiftly with usage of the most graphical elements of the movies. Another very intuitive story element were the casino arcs in which Rune and her entourage played in a casino. The story explored different emotional aspects of Rune’s opponents and herself through dialogue and the playful casino elements.

mardock2While the violence is gory and bloody, the visual style and scenery create a trippy vibe. The color scheme throughout the movies is mostly the same, namely blue and green-ish, yet it gives the Mardock Trilogy a unique setting to play with.

The movies explore different ‘worlds’ in which the characters are divers. Some are abominations while others are lively, especially Rune is portrayed exceptionally well with varying costumes and hairstyles. Her get-up cleverly portrays the mood and the social situation she is in. From being a teen prostitute with limited clothing to a classy young lady in the casino.

mardock4I stated earlier that Mardock Scramble is a trip. The visual style is present throughout the movies and enhances a futuristic vibe. The colors create an emotional backdrop that follows Rune from start to finish.

The other notable aspect of the story is the graphical display of murder and violence. The last movie shows of how Shell brutally murders his victims, giving the story an emotional closure that will leave the viewer disgusted, but compassionate for Rune.

mardock5The Mardock Scramble Trilogy knows how to convey a convincing, psychological and emotional story into an appealing package for the viewer. The violence is gory and not for everybody. The trippy storytelling can be a deal breaker and the color scheme might not be suitable for all viewers. Yet this trilogy is convincing and therefore I rate it an 8 out of 10.


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