Genres in Anime part 3

genre16As requested by one my followers, the third and last installment about different anime genres. A wide variety will come by in this special post.

Please keep in mind that most anime will not be pushed into one genre. The predominant one will be chosen, yet there will always be some overlapping with other genres. On another note, there are many genres and subgenres left that I’m not able to discuss in enough posts.

genre17Sports anime revolve around sports(thank you captain obvious). Sports anime give a more technical approach on sports. Instead of being extra plot development points, the sporting element is what matters most in this kind of anime.

Chihayafuru is a great example of a sports anime in which the sport and character development are greatly balanced. The power of Chihayafuru is making a seemingly boring sport, interesting to watch.

genre9Science fiction centers around futuristic themes and settings, exploring different scientific elements such as new technology and society.

There are great Sci-Fi series such as Steins;Gate, a series that explores time travel and the consequences of manipulating time. The brilliant Eve no Jikan tells the story in which humanoid robots live next to humans, yet they are not equal. A true recommendation even for non sci-fi enthusiasts.

genre12Yuri anime centre around romantic relationships between girls. Where in regular romance anime a boy meets his perfect girl, Yuri anime tell a story of girls falling in love. Yuri anime tend to be more intimate and the love between the girls seems to be more taboo than regular ones.

There are great examples of Yuri anime such as Yuru Yuri, the more recent Sakura Trick and the more sexually oriented Sono Hanabira.

genre10Yaoi anime focus on boys have a romantic relationship. Boys love seems to be a thing in a Japan especially for female viewers/readers who want their fair share of manservice.

I have absolutely no idea what series might be interesting, but Free! seems to be an appropriate mainstream version.

genre13The famous Ecchi genre in which series focus on erotic fantasies. Mind you that the erotic fantasies are still pretty harmless. When they become more sexual they will move towards the hentai genre. The primary trait of Ecchi is to be suggestive and are mostly found in anime or manga targeted towards males in the shounen genre.

Popular examples are To-Love Ru and Hentai Ouji in which there is great emphasis on suggestive content. May it be that To-Love Ru is better suited to be a hentai, but that’s my personal opinion. Ecchi can quickly turn into fanservice, having the only purpose of pampering the viewer.

genre14Harem anime center around a protagonist who has three or more love interests from the opposing sex. Harem anime don’t necessarily have to be the opposing sex, but can also include yuri and yaoi relationships.

Harem fall into familiar patterns such as a male protagonist who is surrounded by girls who fall head over heels for him. You have to love the genre to not be irritated by the zero IQ the girl characters often have in this genre.

Clannad is an absolute must watch, despite its relation to the harem genre. The story execution is excellent and the characters are wonderfully portrayed.

genre15We have arrived at the (in)famous anime genre, hentai. An anime variant in which there is a heavy emphasis on sexual display. Where regular pornography displays real people, hentai is animated sexually stimulating content. Hentai can be seen as the adult version of Ecchi.

I’m not really familiar with Hentai content and cannot give any examples of noteworthy hentai series. There are adult visual novels such as Ushinawareta mirai wo motomete and Tropical Kiss that center around sexual relationships with different girls.


6 thoughts on “Genres in Anime part 3

  1. Alex says:

    I have absolutely no idea what series might be interesting, but Free! seems to be an appropriate mainstream version.

    As I saw it, any romantic relationship in Free! was implied, not canon, so I don’t think it can be classified as yaoi. That said, I haven’t watched any yaoi, and can’t give any better examples.

    Anyway, interesting write-ups 🙂

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