A year of blogging

year1It’s been one year already since I’ve started this blog. The appropriate time to look back and what’s to come.

Time goes by ever so quickly. I tried to publish articles, keep up regular posting and engage with readers. Some posts were better than others, yet I wanted to create interesting articles for frequent and new readers. I was searching for formats, a visual identity and a writing style along the way.

year2I wanted to share some interesting facts that came by this year. Starting with the top 5 countries that visited my blog: The United States, Philippines, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Visitors from the US are most present, yet I get visitors from all over the globe.

The most popular posts I’ve written about are: ‘Angel Beats and the cry for a sequel’, ‘Flashforward: AnoHana movie‘ and ‘Kyoto Animation: animation does matter’. It is interesting to see that Angel Beats remains popular within the anime community, AnoHana doesn’t lose its charm over the course of time and Kyoto Animation still remains a benchmark studio.

year3I’ve written over a hundred articles and I’ve experimented a lot. I created categories to enhance navigation. I was looking for certain formats that I could use to give structure to my blog. Editorials remained, along the way I added reviews and other ‘series’ to keep the blog fresh. I want to create articles that will fancy everybody. You may like my reviews, others only read the editorials and so on.

I have some personal favorites among the articles. I’m especially proud of my Croisée review. I did some research into 19th century Paris and tried to mix it into a review. Comparing facts and the anime into a review. It was an interesting and educative experience.

I’m also proud of the ‘Blogspotlight’ series. I wanted to do something that would make my blog a bit more special and on the other hand create a more engaged anime community. I wanted for people within anime blogging to connect with each other. And I wanted to highlight the person behind the blog, putting them in a spotlight to tell the story behind their blog.

Readers and participators were positive about the ‘Blogspotlight’ posts and I am very grateful for those who were willing to answer my questions. Before then I was an entity that just created his own blog, yet I asked others to participate. I am again glad they saw time to work together.

year4At the beginning of my blogging career I tried to be as neutral as possible. I didn’t want to spark any negativity or come off as somebody with an arrogant attitude. Along the way I started to give my opinion a little bit more edge. This is my little site among many uncountable others, so it deserves a bit of my own flavor.

year6I followed blogs behind the scenes and only later on did I decide to also start my own little place on the internet. I love writing, I wrote several gaming reviews as a member on a gaming website and I wanted my own spot on the internet.

In early stages I started to notice that some of the blogs I followed, began to vanish. They stopped writing and moved on. I’m not sure if it’s a trend or just a natural occurence. I felt insecure, doubting what I had started and I was thinking of maybe halting my own activities. But the participation of readers, commenter’s and other bloggers motivated me to keep going.

I may not have the biggest amount of followers, but if you put them all together in real life, it’s still a large group. And I want to thank everybody who has subscribed and commented, it is an honor to know that people are willing to read what I write.

I don’t know what the future holds. I want to set forth what I’ve started for as long as possible. I want to discover more blogs and share them in the blogspotlight posts. I want to discover anime, write about anime and read about anime. Of course I also read manga occasionally and I remain fascinated with Japanese culture. Life is uncertain and events may change my way of living, but I don’t want to abandon this ship just yet!

19 thoughts on “A year of blogging

  1. Quizoxy says:

    Congrats! Reading this post really do reminds me of how i started blogging and certainly understand your experience!

    I like the idea of meeting followers in real life which I have never thought of, will probably be a fun exposure interacting with the folks!

  2. Overlord-G says:

    I only stumbled upon your blog recently as you noticed by my nominating your for an ABC Award, you’re really cool imo. Congrats on making it one year and if life permits it, I hope you’ll get to continue posting for as long as you have the power and interest to do so. Rock on dood!

  3. infinitezenith says:

    I blog for the sake of documenting experiences…as far as traffic, follows and interaction goes, my blog is quite dead, but there is something about being able to put thoughts into words, then revisiting them at some point in the future and reminiscing about what I was doing at the time a post was written. While I admittedly blog to keep electronic diary, I wonder if you might be able to offer insight into improving and encouraging interactions on a blog…

  4. milesvibritannia says:

    I’m quite late in saying this, but congrats on reaching the first complete year for your blog! It’s great that you’ve been able to incorporate more and more variety as you went on and I can definitely say I’m thankful for all of the advice you’ve given me for improving my own blog.

    It seems that in about a month it’ll be a year since I first started my blog, it’s a scary thought. It feels like I haven’t had my blog for long at all yet to think it’s almost gonna be a year for me too, it’s a strange thing. Guess I better try and catch up on all the stuff I want to write about, I’ve gotten way behind on that with all of my school troubles and annoying schedule issues.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I’m happy you sticked around for so long with well thought-out comments on this blog, I felt like it was a really a valuable addition to the blog. The year went by fast and I’m happy people enjoy it so far. I’m also glad to help you anytime, getting to know fellow blogs is also part of the experience.

      Well it hasn’t been easy coming up with posts with all the other things going on, but I’m doing my best and I’m looking forward to posts from you as well.

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