Genres in Anime part 2

gen9As requested by one my followers, the second installment about different anime genres. A wide variety will come by in this special post.

Please keep in mind that most anime will not be pushed into one genre. The predominant one will be chosen, yet there will always be some overlapping with other genres.

gen2The famous slice of life genre focuses on the daily activities of the characters. Slice of series can cope with a familiar problem, they can become boring after time. A good slice of series is able to pull the normal into the entertaining, making daily activities an interesting watch.

Great slice of series are K-ON!, Tamako Market, Hanasaku Iroha, the more recent Non Non Biyori and Minami-Ke! There are many, many slice of life series out there. Beware that when you like fast paced action series, you will have problems getting adjusted to the slow pace in slice of life series.

gen4I think comedy speaks for itself as it is targeted on entertainment value. I find comedy a tricky genre, particularly for anime as it is produced in Japan and the cultural differences with the United States and Europe etcetera are present.

Comedy is very dependable on the domestic audience and as everybody has other humor, series can struck a chord or leave no impression whatsoever. Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai is a great series for comic relief, other series are Love Lab and Outbreak Company.

gen3Mystery revolves around certain riddles or crime scenes, may it be on a more childish level to solving murder scenes. A good mystery anime is able to fool the viewer with resolving a mystery, rewarding the viewer for having guessed the result or the process from discovery to solving.

Hyouka is a series in which a group of high school students try to solve mysteries on a school level. No heavy murder scenes, but cleverly constructed mysteries. The visuals were stunning and the show used attractive narrative techniques. One of my personal favorites Gosick also roams in the mystery genre as it unravels smaller mystery and along the way the main characters become part of a greater plot.

gen5The magical girl genre has a reputation of displaying under aged girls in skimpy outfits during colorful sequences. Thanks to series such as Madoka Magica, the magical girl genre gained more popularity, showing it can also be innovative.

Admittedly I haven’t watched enough series within this genre to make a clear judgment. The Madoka Series was psychological and the magic within the series was given an underlying meaning. Using well though-out storytelling and out of the ordinary graphics, Madoka Magica stood out from between other magical girls series.

gen6Music anime centre around, you guessed it, music. The music can be performed by members of idol groups such as AKB48 in AKB0048. Lyrics in music anime often pop up in the screen and the viewer can sing along karaoke style.

Idolm@ster and Love Live! are anime in which there is a heavy emphasis on the music in the series. The occurrence of music anime may be due to the wish of music producers to push music onto other media and generate more sales and popularity. On the other hand, idol groups are popular in Asian regions.

gen7Another genre where I lack the knowledge to explain it properly, namely Military. I guess you can link military anime to the genres military fiction in which a power struggle is at hand and the story revolves around the warfare around it. On the flipside the girls and guns genre in which girls use military equipment.

A great example of military anime is Code Geass, perhaps one of the more well known military series in which the protagonist Lelouch tries to bring down the evil authority called Britannia. Another series is Girls und Panzer in which a group of girls learn to operate tanks.

gen8The famous Mecha genre, probably best known for the Gundam series, centers around the display of gigantic fighting robots. Very popular, yet not a preference for many viewers.

I believe the mecha genre is a love it or hate it genre. When you have an interest in machines and warfare or military you might find this genre more interesting. I consider this as my least favorite genre and have limited knowledge in the genre.


9 thoughts on “Genres in Anime part 2

  1. otakudaydreams says:

    K-ON is my favourite slice-of-life anime. It’s simple yet entertaining and funny. Comedy is my favourite genre while like you, mecha is my least favourite. I simply lack the interest towards robots and machines.

  2. John Samuel says:

    Girls Und Panzer is really a sports anime, and doesn’t fit neatly into “military” at all.

    As for mecha anime, the key is always whether the series is about the mechs, or about the people working with the mechs.

    For me the best example, even after all these years, of the latter is Patlabor

    • ninetybeats says:

      It’s hard to imagine Girls und Panzer being a sports anime. I’m just judging by the genres stated by animesites such as MaL. I haven’t seen it myself. You can ask them to change it for you:p

      And Mecha anime remains a personal opinion just like any other genre.

  3. Natsu says:

    Gundam was a pretty cool, interesting, mecha anime. When I was little I’ve always thought that it basically represents how war is horrible or the affects of war. Then I thought, “Why doesn’t our government watch this? Wonder if they’ll understand…”
    I don’t watch a lot of mecha anime it’s a hit or miss with any anime I watch.

      • kelly199865 says:

        Really?! It’s hard for me to imagine anime without Gundam! It is actually the anime that got me into animes. I think Gundam Seed Destiny is the best one out of the series. The newer ones don’t catch my attention as much and it’s such a pity! Thank again for writing this post^^

      • ninetybeats says:

        I think everybody has another series that defines what anime is. I won’t deny that Mecha is a very great deal what makes anime what it is today and in the future.

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