Anime Awards 2013

awards13frontA lot of anime have come by this year. In this post I’ll decide which series of my personal selection were best.

I’ll start off by saying that I haven’t watched all anime this year, therefore not all genres are included. The selection is made out of about 30 anime series that strictly aired in 2013. Those that cross between 2012/13 and 2013/14 will not be taken into account.

award1Strictly not a series, but a movie, yet still an anime. This was the best I’ve seen this year. The movie adaptation of the popular Hanasaku Iroha franchise was an absolute treat for fans of the franchise. Seeing Ohana back at the Kissui Inn, with more developed side characters, made me feel nostalgic about the anime version.

award2The best visuals go to Garden of Words. The match was between Hanasaku Iroha and Garden of Words, but the more vibrant visuals of Garden of Words made it stand out just a bit more. The graphic design was magnificent in combination with the changing themes throughout the series. From rain in the park to highly detailed, rarely seen in anime, interior design.

award3While Shingeki no Kyojin had its flaws throughout its run, it did one thing very good, making the testosterone flow. The building up towards the epic action scenes was agonizing, but when all hell broke loose, the series delivered punch. The scenes were breathtaking and fast paced, making it stand out above the rest.

award4Another close call where Outbreak Company, Servant x Service and Love Lab fought to conquer the throne. But the undeniable winner is Love Lab, with its great characters and convincing setting. While the story itself doesn’t feel unique, when taking the girls and their environment into account this series turns out into something heartwarming.

award5The art of creating a slice of life series is making the ordinary entertaining without making it to extravagant. Non Non Biyori succeed in creating a relaxing and convincing setting in which the slow paced story telling becomes a treat to watch.

award6Combing the power of slice of life and the canvas like visuals into short episodes. This show deserves the same treatment as Non Non Biyori when considering the time it was given each episode. The colorful visuals made Aiura stand out from other short series, using its time to the fullest.

award7Ore no Imouto season 2 was a disappointment beyond comprehension. The strong flow of the first season was totally trivialized in the second season. Therefore it falls down the ranking and makes place for Chihayafuru’s second installment. This series pulled it off to capture the previous look and feel of the first season, making it a steady sequel to its predecessor.

award8I think Ohana is one of my favorite characters in anime to date. Yes, there are other amazing female leads. But Ohana has become a friend like character. She smiles, she loves and laughs, she cries and she is insecure, just like any other human being can be. I feel for her cause and would love to cheer her on all the way, for many adaptations to come.

award9Ashiya, the dedicated and loyal CFO of Maou. The character that was there for extra comic relief. His nitpicking on the budget his boss earned, were great scenes that showed how Maou and Ashiya had to blend in a society build around money.

award10Everything I will say about Illya will probably sound very strange, but her character design was beyond cute. Rarely have I seen a series in which I didn’t care about the story, but was happy to see the main character. Her design was cute, colorful and fluent. Illya is perhaps one of the cutest characters seen in anime.

award11Picking this spot was quite difficult, but when thinking back Suisei no Gargantia had the male lead with the best designs. The visual design created a futuristic feel that was contradictory towards the setting Ledo found himself in. Yet it made a connection with the world Ledo was from and creating a link between the world he came from, next to his futuristic technology.

award12This spot goes to the brilliant and lively ending song from Kyoukai no Kanata by Stereo Dive Foundation. The song Daisy fitted the animation of the ending perfectly and created fulfillment of the episodes at the end. Unfortunately the show isn’t as good as its ending song.

award13Opening song by Konomi Suzuki and Kiba for WataMote. An interesting choice as the song seems more fitting for a specific subgenre. The heavy music combined with female and screaming male vocals are a daring entry. Yet they fit the series and as a fan of rock music(not limited to rock only*), I can appreciate this song.

award14Later on this show reclaimed its position in having the best soundtrack of 2013. The music set the appropriate tone for the particular scene. Where Kyoukai no Kanata left out on some of the story, it compensated with its strong soundtrack.


16 thoughts on “Anime Awards 2013

  1. otakudaydreams says:

    It surprised me to see Ashiya as your favourite male character at first but I agree that he’s really funny. I’ve just finished watching Hataraku Maou-sama and now that I think about it, he’s really the funniest character in the series. XD Also, I love the Kyoukai no Kanata ending song too!

  2. Overlord-G says:

    Excellent choices for all of your categories, though I still have to pick up Aiura and Suisei no Gargantia. Actually, I’m mainly picking up SnG for the ladies and not its male lead. Who knows? Maybe he’ll surprise me.

  3. spitzsoapbox says:

    Ahh! I agree on so many of these! It especially warms me to see so much Hanasaku Iroha praise on here. That’s a series that I figured not many people would would like while I was watching it; good to see I was wrong.
    There are a number of series you mentioned that will most assuredly be entering my queue.
    Happy new year!

  4. infinitezenith says:

    No one even holds a candle to Garden of Words in terms of visuals 🙂 A ways back, I had the opportunity to revisit Hanasaku Iroha a second time, and in doing so, the movie becomes that much more meaningful. I can’t say that I have a top pick for 2013, though, since I only watched a handful of series and skipped over the more well-known titles 😛

    • ninetybeats says:

      Garden of Words pays a lot of attention to detail. Especially to the environment such as rooms. Vibrant colors and a lot of small elements that fill the spaces. Rarely seen in most anime.

  5. milesvibritannia says:

    Shingeki is definitely among the more memorable action series of the year, even if it’s not one of my absolute favorites overall. Illya’s design in Fate/kaleid was definitely quite cute and it was a nice change to see her not be a twisted, psycho loli for a change. Kyoukai no Kanata has a pretty good OST and it seems lots of people love the ED. I only saw the first episode of Watamote but that was enough to get to the OP and it really was awesome, I’d probably play it a lot on my iPod if I DL’d it but I think I’ll wait until I give Watamote a legitimate watch.

    Sadly I haven’t seen the rest mentioned, I’ll have to give those a watch sometime.

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