Fall 2013 Review

win1We are nearing 2014 and we’ve closed of the fall season 2013. Could the series this season bring something special during the windy days?

In the selection I make every season I tend to watch all the shows I’ve selected. Yet this season I dropped two shows. Tokyo Raves, which became full horrible with its terrible CGI and crappy storytelling. I also dropped Strike the Blood, where I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea.

nonbiyoriFollowing the story of Hotaru who moves from Tokyo to the countryside, discovering life in a small rural village and meeting new people.

Non Non Biyori is one of my season favorites. Frequent readers know I love slice of life genre anime. Non Non Biyori is the embodiment of what a slice of life anime should be. It is slow paced, it doesn’t try to do anything flashy. It gives us a glimpse into the life of others, which is the point of slice of life.

kanata1Produced by Kyoto Animation and supposedly the more serious attempt by the studio. Following Akihito who one day meets a blood bending warrior called Mirai. A horror/mystery story unfolds.

The horror wasn’t as gory as I expected it to be. Yes, a lot of blood was splashed around, but the overall look and feel was still very KyoAni-ish. The color scheme was less flashy, but Kyoukai no Kanata followed a rather familiar feel.

I want to compliment the show for staying true to the Kyoto Animation style of storytelling. It is true the story needed to be introduced a bit more at the beginning stages. Yet, the moments when cute slice of life scenes came around, Kyoto Animation showed us the best quality story telling in the industry. There were moments such as the pop idol dancing scene where I honestly enjoyed Kyoukai no Kanata. These moments saved the show from being flawed and recovered it nicely after a sloppy start.

outbreak2Outbreak company tells the story of shut-in Shinichi who has to introduce Otaku culture in an alternate universe next to ours. Discovering a fantasy like world in which he gets friendly with the different inhabitants.

The beginning stages were very good. Outbreak Company made satirical jokes about Otaku culture and playfully introducing its different aspects. While writing this, I almost start to suspect this show was targeted towards a foreign audience that could be sold some anime merchandise.

Despite that fact, I started to get a little irritated by the repetitive jokes after a couple of episodes. It’s almost like I got the feeling Outbreak Company tried to display a stereotypical otaku as a glorified pedophile, with perverted thoughts boggling through his mind all day every day.

winter7And the piece of sh*t awards go to Unbreakable Machine-doll. In an alternate universe where magic and sorcery are used to create dolls that are used as military equipment, we follow sex doll Yaya and her companion Raishin, who try to become the Wiseman, or something.

Excuse me? Why would you create dolls, that seem overly complicated to make, and use them as military equipment? Using advanced weapons seems more plausible. But, letting go of the pure plausibility of the events, the series left out a lot on the story telling department.

Yaya, the doll accompanying Raishin, bares more resemblance to a sex doll with its own consciousness. Her overly nymphomania attitude felt like it was added to fill the story rather than completing it. I’m sorry but this series totally failed to impress me in any way. And the CGI was terrible.

gali1Every now and again I have anime series where I wonder what I just watched. I wonder if it is just me or that it is a storytelling element. Galilei Donna presumably revolves around three descendants of Galileo Galilei who have the cure for global energy resource scarcity.

The story was all around the place and suddenly the plot was born at the beginning with little introduction, only to develop later on. The three main characters were entertaining, but the others just seemed plot devices.

I liked the overall attempt to create something special, although the series needed more development. And I knew there had to be a series this season that would praise the greatness of Japanese culture. Shoving it down my throat through dialogue is rather annoying.


4 thoughts on “Fall 2013 Review

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Glad I’m not the only one confused by what Galilei Donna’s point was. I’m also happy to hear you enjoyed NNB as much as I did. KyouKana’s on my leftovers list and will be picked up when I feel like it. I haven’t watched the other shows you mentioned.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I often doubt myself if I correctly understood the story, it’s good to know somebody else had the same feeling:p

      Well Kyoukai no Kanata worked out pretty okay. Machine-Doll, don’t bother, you can just google the suggestive images if that’s what you’re looking for. Gives you great idea of what the show is about:p

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