Servant x Service Review: Working class hero

serv7Your first day on the job probably won’t be what you had in mind. You need to get adjusted and get a feel for your work. Meeting your coworkers is a journey on its own.

There will be coworkers who will guide you, ones that will deceive you and others, well you’ll probably never figure it out. The working place is diverse and its exciting and stressful at the same time.

serv1In Servant x Service we follow three new employees who start their job at the health and welfare section at a ward office. They discover what their job means and along the way  they get familiar with their working environment.

The setting is refreshing as it focuses on a cast that is older and in another stage of life. We don’t follow high school students that enter a new school. No, we get a glimpse in the life’s of the working class hero(haha, the title of the post).

serv2This series focuses on the daily happenings of a group of new employees. They have fun, they struggle and interact with each other. Servant x Service wraps it all up in an appealing comedy and slice of life combination that makes the seemingly horrible working days interesting to watch.

I like how Yutaka tries to slack off as much as possible. I can appreciate how Saya has trouble being confident at her job and Yamagami tries her hardest to complete all her different tasks. The diverse set of characters creates room to tell different stories and highlight the workplace from different perspectives.

serv3Though the series had its strong points, I must admit that not all events were as exciting to look at. The reason why Yamagi joined the ward office was a funny joke at the beginning, but became a tedious interference later on. Jokes went on repeat and episodes became repetitive at some point, exploiting existing jokes.

serv5I already said it in this review and I’ll say it again, I appreciate the original setting. This makes the show more appealing to a more mature audience, while still keeping its comedic factor to keep it fun for younger audiences, around the shonen demographic so to speak.

serv6Servant x Service delivered a refreshing slice of life setting and combined it with humor along the way. The setting set the show out of the ordinary, yet the repeating jokes kept it from being special. Therefore I rate this show an 8 out of 10 as it still managed to give me the feeling I was watching something that doesn’t come by too often.


4 thoughts on “Servant x Service Review: Working class hero

  1. Artemis says:

    I wish I had liked this as much as I thought I would going by the info. I very much enjoyed Working!! by the same creator, but I just couldn’t get into Servant x Service. As much as I do really appreciate a cast that’s not in high school for a change, the humour didn’t grab me most of the time, and I ended up dropping the series after a few episodes.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I decided just to pick it up. I enjoyed it, but not as such that it was amazing. Despite that I liked the effort they put into creating another setting for the viewer. It is true, the humor did get a bit repetitive.

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