Winter anime watchlist

winter6The summer season is already over, autumn has gone with the wind and winter is just around the corner. Which anime will keep you entertained during the cold and dark days of winter?

winter1Katanagatari follows Shichika and Togame who are trying to gather twelve legendary swords. They face many warriors with each different fighting styles. An original and compelling story is born.

The premise doesn’t sound to spectacular, but the setting is refreshing. Especially in combination with its artistic style, Katanagatari becomes a treat for the viewer. The stylistic elements really put the show in a league of its own and the fifty minute episodes may be a hurdle, yet they pack enough story to make Katanagatari fluently progress through the different arcs.

winter5A battle royal is set up for those who will succeed God. To fit this modern day and age, the contestants are being given phones that can predict the future. In Mirai Nikki we follow Yukiteru, who is accompanied by paranoid psycho girl Yuno. Together they fight the other contestants to stay alive.

Mirai Nikki is basically a battle royal, only the contestants aren’t on an island and it isn’t broadcasted for everyone’s enjoyment. It still features a lot of gory violence and the story is hectic and fast pace. This series is a great fix for those viewers who can appreciate clever tactics combined with extreme violence or torture. While this may sound like viewers of this show are mostly sadists or psychopaths, the overall execution of this show is very impactful and Mirai Nikki is therefore a must watch.

winter4A heart-warming, sugar coated story about two young lads, named Mashiro and Takagi, who want to become the most popular manga authors of Japan. Through tough competition and hard work, they try to battle their way to the top. Along the way they get into various romantic relationships with work and personal crossing paths.

Although this show is pretty straightforward and predictable, and at times too sugary, Bakuman tells a convincing story with a diverse set of characters. Not all as strong and convincing, but the reoccurring characters are a treat and the creative designs create a nostalgic atmosphere throughout the run of Bakuman. If you can’t get enough of the first season, the other two seasons are out for you to enjoy afterwards.

winter2In the movie installment of Ao no Exorcist our main character Rin has to take care of a devil disguised as a young boy. A friendship is sure to arise as the two bond over the course of time.

The anime series was a steady shounen show with your typical young protagonist and the many struggles he faces along the way. The rich set of cast members make their appearance in the movie, guaranteeing a familiar environment for those who’ve seen the anime version. It is recommended to see the anime first to create some bonding with the characters.

The movie itself is steady paced and features a lot of fluent animation. For the fans of the series the movie will be an entertaining ride.

winter3Putting Guilty Crown in this list might be a controversial one, yet I believe this series is great to watch anime during the holidays. Guilty Crown tells the story about a scattered Japan in which Tokyo is the scene of a deadly outbreak. A virus spreading across its citizens and being kept in quarantine by an evil organization. Ouma Shu obtains the power of the void and he might be the cure for all humanity, well at least for Tokyo in this show.

What sets Guilty Crown apart from many anime, is the compelling soundtrack. I haven’t heard many soundtracks that were so engaging as this one. This is perhaps one of the best soundtracks in anime I’ve heard so far, along with Angel Beats! of course.

The animation is steady overall in Guilty Crown and while the characters may seem stereotypical, I found the setting convincing. It’s a shame GC started to focus more on the school setting later on, but the base for an epic story was laid out. And considering those factors, make this show a nice snack for those who want to spice up their anime routine.


3 thoughts on “Winter anime watchlist

  1. Overlord-G says:

    Must Watch for me:

    Sakura Trick
    Saki 2
    Wake-Up Girls
    Robot Girls Z
    Seitokai Yakuindomo 2

    Not important but still interesting:
    Sailor Moon 2014
    Chuunibyou 2
    sekai seifuku bouryaku no zvezda
    Super Sonico
    Space Dandy

    • ninetybeats says:

      Haha those are shows that are going to air and some start next year. I wanted to make a list for people that perhaps wanted something in between seasons or the wait for new episodes. And I thought this might get you through the time around the holidays. Still thanks for your reply.

      To answer your comment. I am indeed looking forward to Chuunibyou, but also D-Frag!, Nisekoi, Noragami and Mahou Sensou. I’ll see along the way what will work out. I’m not sure about Super Sonico though, seems like a 100% fanservice show to me(not that it is a problem if its good service:p)

      • Overlord-G says:

        I wouldn’t call Super sonico “my type” of anime beauty (I’ve seen better drawn busty and flat chested anime beauties. I have a list, which I need to update after recent babes gave me raging otaku boners) but I predict the show will be one of those 3-5 minute episodics blessing the male demographic with sexy Super Sonico moments. I’m not expecting much from it but I hope it’ll be as amusing as Miss Monochrome was.

        Hopefully the shows you picked will be as satisfactory to you as the ones I picked for myself.

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