Love Lab review: conquering hearts

ll6A small lie won’t hurt, we all do it every now and again. Piling up lie upon lie will bite you later. You create a fake image, just like the story in Love Lab.

There were times when I hung out with people unknowingly that almost everything they said was a lie. You never saw the real person. Since then I wanted to keep lying to a minimum. Trying to be as honest as possible, whenever I could.

ll1Maki, the wild girl, one day joins the student council at the prestigious Fuji Girls school. The student council turns into a laboratory of love in which the girls take advice from Maki, who became the love master through lying. May it be unwillingly.

This turns out into a cute comedy series in which a group of girls secretly try to learn the techniques to conquer a boyfriend. Because the girls are in an all girls school, their interaction with boys is limited, amplifying the effect of training to find a boyfriend.

ll2Maki lied her way towards a love master, giving advice to her, eager to learn, student council friends. Because she herself has little experience, the exercises are non realistic sessions. They wouldn’t work in real life or would have the opposite effect.

It is hilarious to see how the girls try to break down the logic to get themselves a boyfriend. Trying to use the techniques in the field, results in awkward and over the top moments. These moments are diverse and are strongest at the beginning of the show.

ll3Maki’s lies are taking their toll and sooner or later her lie will be discovered. This marks the turning point in the series where Love Lab takes a more realistic and dramatic approach. The turning point also delivers the message towards the audience, namely lying is bad and it will get you sooner or later.

Love Lab was one of the strongest comedy series in 2013 and I found it regrettable that the show had taken a more serious tone towards the end. Although it was unavoidable that Love Lab had to take this route to close its subject matter.

ll4Love Lab had decent to good animation. I liked how the characters moved and the chibi character designs along the way gave the show some lightheartedness. I’m not a fan of chibi characters overall, but it fitted nicely in the series. It also improved the storytelling and created diversity during its run.

ll5Love Lab held its comedic factor longer than Hataraku Maou-sama and I suspect this series will win the nominee for comedy anime of 2013.

The lighthearted story telling and over the top girls comedy created a humble atmosphere. The struggle of the girls to find a suitable boyfriend was hilarious when taking their background into account.

Therefore I rate this show an 8 out of 10. The show was very strong at the beginning, but it lost its comedic touch towards the end. The more dramatic take moved the show into the ordinary, but considering the fun it delivered, this show deserves a matching score.


3 thoughts on “Love Lab review: conquering hearts

  1. Artemis says:

    I agree that the first half of the series was probably stronger than the second, although I found the whole thing quite enjoyable. In fact, I was surprised at how much I did actually enjoy it given my fairly low expectations going into this. The story summary had me assuming that Love Lab would be almost entirely made up of cheap gags and tawdry fanservice primarily revolving around faux-lesbian themes, so I was pleasantly taken aback at how genuinely amusing (and occasionally touching) the show really was. Which I guess just goes to show that you can’t always judge something by its synopsis. 🙂

  2. Overlord-G says:

    So close. Maki and Riko were so close to making magic. Oh well, there’s enough subtext to make the yuri nation smile.
    As for the overall show, one of my favorite anime of 2013 without question. Sll the girls were awesome, the only relevant male character was Riko’s otouto and I could not get enough of Riko’s cuteness. I would say I’d want a second season but I do not know if they’d be able to capture the same glory the first season had.

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