Flashfoward: Mahou Sensou

sensou1January 2014 is coming closer and MadHouse participates with Mahou Sensou. A magical action fantasy series is due to unwind. What can we expect?

Mahou Sensou is a modern magic action series in which Takeshi Nanase meets Aiba Mui, on one faithful day of course. Mui turns Takeshi into a magician. Takeshi now find himself in a world where magicians and ordinary humans roam.

I think the theme won’t come as something revolutionary. A modern magic action theme is pretty common. I think pretty common would be an understatement. I dare to say almost every anime season has one.

The main character Takeshi is voiced by Miyano Mamoru who did work in Chihayafuru as Taichi and did the voice of Yagami Light in Death Note. A pretty experienced voice actor at work. Aiba Mui is voiced by Touyama Nao who did Yune in Ikoku Meiro no Croisée and Sasaki Chiho in Hataraku Maou-sama! Also an experienced voice actress. She delivered an outstanding performance in Croisée.

The character designs are done by Luna Lia. His works remind me most of Buriki who did the character designs of Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai. The eyes and color from Luna Lia are vibrant and colorful. Let’s hope MadHouse is able to transport the great artstyle onto the anime.

Those who love a modern day magic setting will probably appreciate this adaptation. With MadHouse at the wheel the series can be a hit or miss. While MadHouse can deliver great titles, they also have a tendency to deliver lesser titles.

Up to this point it is still speculation. The indicators tend towards the positive when considering cast and artstyle, the theme is yet to be explored. As I said, lovers of the genre will probably get the magic ‘jargon’ known in magical themed anime, within a modern setting to make it more relatable. Those who don’t prefer the genre are best to leave this alone or focus on other aspects such as story development.


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