Fall season 13 standings

fall1It’s that time again in which I take a look at the season standings. Some shows have reached or will reach the half way point. About time to take a glance at how the season is developing.

I will only discuss the shows that are airing specifically in the Fall season. That means that shows that are around 20+ episodes won’t be in this post, despite them being partially introduced in the first impressions post. Note: I dropped Strike the Blood. I mentioned it in my first impressions of the fall season post, but I found that it isn’t my cup of tea.

nonbiyoriNon Non Biyori follows Hotaru as she moves from the city to the countryside. She learns the habits of people on the countryside and tries her best to adapt to her new environment. A slice of life anime has begun in a most relaxing setting.

I really like Non Non Biyori. I like how the show creates a narrative around Hotaru who moves to the countryside. The visuals are matching for the overall setting and the colors are beautifully bright and lively. Non Non Biyori subtlety blends the transition from Hotaru into the narrative and happenings in her new hometown. This show is refreshing and a must watch for enthusiasts of slice of life anime.

galileiThree descendants of Galileo Galilei are on a quest to discover the Galileo Tesoro. An unknown creation by Galileo that is been searched for by a mysterious organization. The three sisters have to conquer the odds to beat the organization in reaching its goal.

The conspiracy involving the three sisters, the descendants of Galileo, is still rather vague. Few episodes in and I am still clueless what actually is going on. Not that I bother too much, I like the visual look and feel so I’ll just stick around.

I would still recommend this show as a season watch because of the refreshing vibe. I must admit that I found the environments such as the Netherlands or Italy rather similar and not so accurate to say the least. And this may be the future, but I find it highly suspicious that the Netherlands is more similar in looks to the United Kingdom or Germany than the Netherlands itself.

doll1Unbreakable Machine-Doll is set in alternate universe in which dolls, controlled by puppet masters, are used for military purposes. We follow Raishin and Yaya as they try to become the best of all puppeteers at the Royal Academy.

The synopsis sounds more action based, but the overall development up till now is mostly soft-core doll pornography. If they hadn’t told that Yaya was a doll, then she would have just been a nympho with exhibitionistic character traits. The parts I’ve read in the manga created a more balanced package.

Next to the weak story execution, I don’t fancy the visual style of the anime adaptation. The weird out of focus camera is confusing for the eyes in combination with the weird glow-ish color scheme. I thought that Unbreakable Machine-Doll was the harbinger of CGI in anime, but if it will look like this the future of anime won’t look so beautiful at all.

outbreak1I briefly mentioned that I stopped watching Strike the Blood, therefore I started Outbreak Company. And what a good choice that was, I absolutely enjoy this show.

Outbreak Company tells the story about Shinichi who has to introduce otaku culture in an alternate fantasy world, existing next to ours. He has to learn the inhabitants what otaku culture is, how to speak Japanese and everything there is to know to get familiar with the otaku culture.

This show has great character designs and the alternate setting is nicely chosen. It’s a fantasy world that gives the studio room to create something out of the ordinary high school etc. etc cliché setting. It’s refreshing, it’s funny and it isn’t complex. Outbreak Company is a great snack in between other shows.

kanata1We see how Mirai, a blood bending warrior, and half Youmu named Akihito try to defeat other Youmu. Kyoto Animation tries to take another approach to break their existing label of ultimate cute factory towards a more horror centered anime.

And admittedly, it’s not going that well for them in Kyoukai no Kanata. The visuals are still rather colorful for the theme of the show, but aren’t colorful enough for the moments in which the show takes a more slice of life approach. In the slice of life scenes Kyoukai no Kanata lives up to what Kyoto Animation is good at, creating cute and colorful moments with fluent animation.

Kyoto Animation struggles on the story telling department as it chose to start the story as if the audience knew everything about the setting. There are too many pieces unanswered, leaving the viewer clueless why some events are taking place.

I believe that Kyoto Animation is destined to create slow paced, cute slice of life series. This isn’t a negative remark, but it shows that this is where Kyoto Animation’s strength lies.


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