Soul Eater Review: Eating away episodes

soul6I’m not always a fan of long running shows. Bones attempted to create a long running show called Soul Eater. Was this show worth the ride?

If this show wasn’t worth the whole wait, I wouldn’t have watched it until the end. Still I find 51 episodes pretty long and consider 20 to 24 episodes just about right. Long running shows can be ‘filler’ sensitive and can drag on after some time.

soul1Soul Eater follows a young group of weapon masters and their human weapon. To create the ultimate weapon they must capture an amount of souls. At Shibusen Academy they learn how to become the most powerful soul capturers out there, combating those who want to use the souls for evil purposes.

The academy elements imply that the series won’t be too messed up on the blood and violence department. While the show features some extent of violence, it still isn’t as gory as you might expect from capturing souls and stop evil doers. The main focus of the show lies within the realm of fast paced action scenes featuring different battle styles and those who harm the innocent. Those who eat the souls of the innocent become corrupted.

soul2The show follows three teams of weapon masters and human weapons who get involved in a bigger plot in which witches try to bring back evil to the world. Thee masters fighting techniques differ, but they fight together when the situation forces them to.

Funny enough is while they are caught up in the bigger evil scheme, the beginning focus, namely gathering souls, is put overboard to tell the story of witches trying to corrupt the world. I would find it interesting to see which souls they had to conquer to become true masters.

soul3Soul Eater features a lot of different characters, creating back stories and quests that all lie within the greater scheme of the story. With the diverse set of characters a situation occurs in which not all characters are as compelling.

Because the characters aren’t all as compelling, the story has some pacing issues along the way. The story becomes dull at times and the amount of screaming and annoying blabbering from Maka, our main character who is voiced by the same actress who did the equally annoying Minko in Hanasaku Iroha, ruins the overall enjoyment. Her agonizing voice makes me want to skip parts where I know she is about to say something. Your opinion may differ, but this certainly inflicts the overall score of the show.

soul4The look and feel is very cartoonish. while the underlying theme of terrible evil is very present and the color scheme is on the dark side of the color pallet, it is still very cartoonish. The overall animation wasn’t very mind blowing, knowing what Bones is capable off.

The sound is pretty much steady. The opening themes were good to set the mood and the soundtrack had very strong moments especially around the end.

soul5Soul Eater was very strong overall, but it had some pacing issues and not all characters were as convincing. For a show that decides to take the long run course, steady pacing is key. If not done properly the show can create dull moments for the viewer.

The end of the show was a bit of an anti-climax in my opinion which made the whole long run feel like a missed opportunity. The quest itself to the end is important, but when the race and finish have issues, it won’t do the verdict a favor. I rate this show a 7 out of 10 because Soul Eater left out a lot of opportunities to become great.


4 thoughts on “Soul Eater Review: Eating away episodes

  1. Artemis says:

    I too am not a fan at all of long-running shows. At 51 episodes, Soul Eater was just tipping the scale at the far end for me – usually any anime over 50 episodes is one I’d consider too long. Soul Eater is definitely one of the more stylish shounen titles I’ve seen around the place however, and I enjoyed a few of the characters quite a lot more than I initially thought I would. Still, I agree with you that there were certainly some aspects there that unfortunately stopped the series from living up to its full potential.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I consider 24+ episodes a bit too long already. A lot of shows tend to lose their strong pacing after about half way in. Some can retake their pace, others won’t pull it off despite their efforts. Soul Eater was a good shounen anime, but as you said it couldn’t live up to its full potential.

  2. steph says:

    I remember watching this a while back and dropping it halfway. The art and animation was both memorabe and amazing but I felt that it let me down on characters and story development. Some of them were downright annoying and I got a bit tired of it all, 51 being far too long for something that was only so-so.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I needed some time getting adjusted to the visuals at the beginning. It didn’t really suit my tastes, but I put through with it. I’ve ended this series with mixed feelings as you could read in my review.

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