Use your ‘tags’ wisely

tag4A lot of social media networks and even WordPress feature the possibility to add tags to your posts, but what is the most effective way in using them?

I’ve seen many posts on WordPress, or even outside WordPress, that have so many tags where it seems the user has copy pasted the dictionary. Not only is this annoying for a reader, because it looks like another paragraph is added to the post. It also misleads potential readers in thinking you have the content they were looking for.

tag1When you’ve written a post about a particular theme, again I will use anime as an example because of the content of this blog, it is important to keep it simple.

If you’ve written a review about Attack on Titan, it is wise to add tags such as ‘anime’, attack on titan’ and ‘review’. And without the hashtags if you’re using WordPress. I’ve seen those too, they will not be indexed like on Twitter.

Using specific and a minimum set of tags summarizes the content and places them in the correct feed. Too many will make you pop up in many feeds, but if someone is looking for a recipe for a lunch and you used tags such a ‘tasty’, ‘meal’ or ‘lunch’ in your Attack on Titan post, the reader will be mislead. When he decides to click on your post he might end up on your site that isn’t even related. It is more important to gain a noble subscriber through good tagging than a dissatisfied reader.

tag2While the usage of trending tags can help you get into the buzz, it won’t help if your post isn’t related. If you’ve written about Soul Eater and Attack on Titan is popular, there would be no reason to use the Attack on Titan tag. It would be more wise to mold a post around Attack on Titan instead only using the tags.

A trending post can also attract readers that aren’t using the WordPress tag system. They could be coming from sites such as Google and if you’ve used tags wisely in the past, molding a certain theme around your site, your rankings on search engines rise. This is proper SEO and not posting dozens of captions hoping somebody will drop on your site.

tag3I’ve said it many times before, it’s still about the content you create. Your tags can be as diverse and beautiful, but it won’t make your posts better. Readers, or viewers, want proper content. If the content is good they will jump on it one way or another.

If you’re still determined to use the tags, consider that a trending post combined with a trending tag will be far more effective than only trending tags. The tags can be seen as a summary that guide the reader to your post and summarizes the overall content. And don’t forget your spelling, ‘Attak’ on Titan will probably not give you the results you’re hoping for.

I hope I could at least help some of you with the tagging system. There are many ways to improve your posts or blog. If you want to know more, I’ve also written ‘generating traffic to your blog’-posts that might help you along the way.


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