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boost5I believe many bloggers face this at some point, the writer’s block. In this post I wanted to share some ways to overcome that dreadful moment.

During my school career I followed a creative writing course for several weeks in which I learned different ways of writing. Next to that I discovered many other genre within writing. From poems to creating short stories. It was an inspiring course that showed me many different facets of writing. I also have my own methods of creating a new post.

boost1Free writing is a technique that lets you get your head free of thoughts that might stop you from writing. You write what comes to mind. If you’ve bought a glass of milk, you’re going to write that you’ve bought a glass of milk. That’s the thing that sprung to mind and it is a recent event. You’re automatically creating a thought chain that you can write down.

I enjoyed this exercise, because you didn’t stick so much to the grammar and just went with the flow of your own mind. It doesn’t have to be a story, but it can be a nice way to at least keep writing.

boost2Sometimes I have an idea for a post in mind or something I want to write about. Although I don’t always know what I want to write about in detail or which topic is best. In this situation I open up a Word document write down one or more titles that briefly describe the post and I stop there.

I have the Word document opened up and I just let the title or material sink in. After some time I just randomly start writing around the subject and a post comes out you see on the blog.

Often times I do have a topic I would like to discuss, but to keep some continuity in my blog I sometimes need something to get it all going again. I love writing and I don’t consider a lack of inspiration to write a post to be a hassle, I just need a starting point. This works great for me and perhaps could get you going.

boost3When you are really stuck and you still want to post something, you can just browse the internet a bit. Look on news sites, may it be anime or something completely different. You may find a topic you like and want to create your own blog post around it.

As I praise originality, some topics are meant to be interpreted by different people. Everybody has their own view on things and can spark a new discussion around an existing topic. You might find it copyright infringement or what not when you use an existing idea of somebody else to create a post. When you see a post about a manga series and you think you have another manga that deserves some positive attention, heck why not write about it? You use an existing idea to create something from your perspective and that’s how I believe posts can be created.

boost4In my ‘generate traffic to your blog’ posts, I mentioned that quality is more import than creating posts to please a search engine. Its far more important to create a well written piece and attract people to that post, and your blog.

Not only the content is key, also the overall writing quality. Try to minimize grammar mistakes and many words you use for regular speaking all sound very well, they may not work out for a written post.

On the other hand, don’t try to force yourself in writing something. If you force yourself to publish something, you might feel unsatisfied with the post and that’s not why you started a blog. Although I must admit, I like to keep some continuity in my posting as I said earlier. If you have other tips or methods to start writing, you can share them in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Boost your writing

  1. Kurumi Shim says:

    Upon entering college, I was about to take up Creative Writing course or anything that pertains to art but I didn’t due to certain circumstances. I learned writing by my own and became partly good at it. Yes, it’s something that comes to mind that verbal words can not express. It’s something to be loved with great enthusiasm.

    Thank you so much for this post. It surely boosts my confidence.

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