Flashback: WataMote

watamote1Many of us will be faced with insecurity during their school careers. It is tough fitting in, especially when you are a teenager, and many will say you don’t need to be popular. You don’t need to, but there’s nothing wrong in climbing on the social ladder.

In WataMote we follow Tomoko as she tries to be more popular and live the high school life she has been fantasizing about. But with her character and lack of self esteem, she faces tough competition and situations where social skills are a must.

When you are being alienated or face insecurity it is easier said than done to step up to somebody and speak your mind or interact on a natural level, something you would do in a secure environment. As much as I believe that everybody should be respected and treated as equal, often times that won’t be the case.

Tomoko tries her hardest. She plots different scenarios in her head, but of course life isn’t planned out for you. The scenario in your head will most likely not work out. What comes out of your mouth may work in the scenario you’ve worked out, but in a social situation you might get a respond you haven’t anticipated.

WataMote did a great job in displaying a person’s insecurity and the responding environment. What I didn’t quite fancy in the series, was the fact that a negative vibe was most prevalent throughout the series. There were glimmers of hope in the series, but they quickly faded by the gloomy and negative atmosphere of Tomoko.

I found it hard to feel satisfied with the series. In some way I want an anime series, or any other media, to transport me to another reality. WataMote made me feel annoyed rather than supporting, I wanted Tomoko to get out of her comfort zone. With doing that, I could feel happy for her. Now I was left with a lingering feeling that Tomoko should’ve deserved something more. Maybe the message of WataMote was to break out of your comfort zone and not the cruel society we live in.


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