Generate traffic to your blog part 2

social0In my previous post about generating traffic, readers were enthusiastic about the basic steps I wrote. To build on that, I wanted to write a second post that will highlight a little more on the elements I mentioned in the other post.

There a lot of things you can do to improve your blog and attract more readers. Having other channels to communicate is a great way to stay in touch with fellow enthusiast on the subject matter. Next to that you can think about a writing style or a visual style for your blog.

social1Your blog isn’t the only way to communicate within your niche or subject. I’ll take this blog as an example, an anime orientated blog. There are fellow bloggers out there that have a Twitter or Facebook account and stay in touch with readers or friends.

When you want to start up your own social media channel, decide which medium is best for you. When you prefer short messages and quick conversations, Twitter might be the solution for you. If you have a more slow paced attitude, Facebook is better. Facebook is slower and easier to track if you keep your feed organized.

On the flipside, Twitter can be a medium to gather a bigger following in a shorter amount of time. The commitment to follow somebody on Twitter is lower than on Facebook, people will have a lower hurdle to follow your Tweets. Despite this, the value of a like or a follower is still quite vague. There are Twitter and Facebook accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. It is possible to buy followers or likers in large quantities to expand your network.

social2Once you’ve decided which network is best suited for your style of communicating, try to look for people or networks that harbor the same interest. Searching for animebloggers on social media is a great way to get a glimpse in their social media style. They have their own way of communicating. From formal to informal, reserved or controversial, users of these networks have their own styles.

Moving away from anime and onto cars to clarify the example, there are tons of YouTube-channels and Twitter channels that give you the latest information on cars and the industry. It is a great way to scout what is trending and adjust your posting schedule on that. If say, Mercedes released a teaser of a new car, you can predict there is some hype around it. When you have a BMW post ready to be released, but the Mercedes news takes over the social channels, you might want to consider publishing a post about the Mercedes instead.

Adjusting your posting and schedule helps you get higher on the search rankings. Next to increasing your hits, you get an understanding of what is out there. You will have a heads up on latest news and trends, helping you shape your own posts. You could even participate in the discussion and retweet, share or post your own opinions using hash tags.

social3Using the widgets is a great way to give your blog a more website like feel. You can add images, social plug-ins and the one I favor most, the ‘top-pages’ widget. It is a great way for popular posts to still be featured on the front page of your blog. If you carefully follow your statistics, you’ll see once you’ve added the widget that readers will discover posts from the past that are worth reading.

The social media widgets can cater your Tweets or promote your Facebook-page. Having a Tweet-feed alongside your posts expands the readers experience. When they can follow a conversation about Attack on Titan next to the written review, it gives them an understanding of your opinion. May it be in short messages.

social4If you have some knowledge of graphical design and you like to indulge yourself in it in your free time, you might want to consider a visual style for your channels. If you have a logo on your blog, it would be handy to give your Twitter avatar the same logo.

Having the same background color on your blog and Twitter will also help distinguish your channel from the others. For your followers it’s also clear who they follow and they will engage in a familiar environment. On your blog, your Twitter or your Facebook, it all has the same look and feel.

social5In the previous post I mentioned that commenting and social media are great ways to interact with fellow enthusiasts. Once you have been playing around a bit and established a worthy amount of posts, it might be time to get yourself featured in a blogroll or get a shout out.

There’s no shame in contacting other bloggers to ask if you can be featured in a link exchange or on a blogroll. This will most likely succeed when you have established frequent contact with another blogger. He or she will be more likely to consider you as worth to mention on the particular blog.

social6SEO is another game most people won’t bother. Pure SEO is changing HTML-codes and URL fixing. I won’t bother you with the technical mumbo-jumbo of SEO. I still believe it is nice to know a little bit more about SEO in general.

When users want to find something on Google, they use queries. Queries are keywords or phrases that are used to find a specific solution. After searching they land on the first search page with results. If your site is clicked and once the user is on your site, they might discover that the search query they entered, doesn’t correspond with the content on your site. They might feel unsatisfied and they leave your site with a bad impression. That’s why the usage of good tags should be sufficient to cover your posts or website’s content.

Thorough understanding of content and SEO is possible with Google Analytics or other measurement tools. WordPress however gives a simpler version. I talked about it briefly in the previous post. Things you can do with the WordPress statistics are determining which sites generate the most traffic to your blog and which country your users are from.

If you see a higher rate of traffic after you commented on a particular blog, you could consider leaving a comment on the next post on that blog. When you have a lot of traffic from a certain country like Germany, you can dedicate a post specified for that country. This maximizes the chance that more people from that country will end up on your site.

SEO in particular is very difficult and hard to master. You need knowledge of website building to not use tricks, but smart coding to attract the search engines attention to your site. It would take a dedicated course to understand it and use it to your advantage. You should write for the readers and not for the search enige.

social7Creating your own place on the internet does take time. It is overwhelming to see big Youtubers like PewdiePie or popular bloggers like Zoella. They have a massive following and can discourage you to pull through, but don’t forget that it took them many years. And once the followers gather, the channel or blog takes flight. Of course with some clever content and daring collaborations.

I don’t prefer the ‘I did this on my own’-attitude. We are on this earth to help each other and if you wave all help or requests away, then maybe there won’t be anybody to help you out one day. Having a dedicated group of followers gives confidence and self-esteem.


9 thoughts on “Generate traffic to your blog part 2

  1. andrewdt100 says:

    Thanks for this great information, gave me a couple ideas of my own. Hopefully I can get some time off of this college education to get them done!

  2. milesvibritannia says:

    Nice suggestions, I remember you gave me some of these before as well. In particular I recall you pointing out the widgets to me, which certainly gives a blog more flavor as far as features go.

    As for a blogroll, I really should get around to making one but I just haven’t done it yet. There are probably a few people I can ask about it, but I might as well add your blog right away once I make it since you’ve already done the favor of putting my blog on yours.

  3. infinitezenith says:

    Having a dedicated group of followers gives confidence and self-esteem.

    Incidentally, the small, close-knit community is precisely why I find blogging so enjoyable. Reading through your post, you’ve presented a nice summation of some of the tips that make for a stronger blog.

    I think you’ve mentioned to me about SOE before, and so, I’d like to make an addendum: I found that doing unique posts tends to draw in the viewers. My favourite example is the aircraft carrier post I wrote a while back, which continues to draw in interested viewers for is unique, if somewhat unusual composition.

    I tend to do very specific post styles because of my often non sequitor approaches towards posts, especially drawing comparisons between two completely unrelated entities (say, Girls und Panzer and the Halo), and these posts tend to gather the most hits. At the end of the day, though, it’s about having fun, and some days, it’s more fun to spend the time to look around, gather and interpret stuff to produce some unique content 🙂

    • ninetybeats says:

      Interacting with your audience is an important part of shaping a blog into your own space on the internet. Its like a social channel where people come together. And it is rewarding to hear people say that you create good content.

      I said indeed you shouldn’t write for the Search Engine, but for your readers. Good content is key and not constantly publishing posts just for the sake of filling the feed. Thanks for your feedback of course:p

  4. Foxy Lady Ayame says:

    “There’s no shame in contacting other bloggers to ask if you can be featured in a link exchange or on a blogroll.” This is one strategy I can understand but perhaps I’m too proud to engage in it. I think that a position in a blogroll has only meaning if it’s earned; I also see it as extension of a blogger’s taste and opinion and this strategy cancels this totally :/

    • ninetybeats says:

      I can elaborate on that by saying that good content will earn a share on another blog, so it’s perfectly fine to not really chase it. There is certainly truth in your words.

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