Inspired and discouraged by Pixiv & dA

dafront1There are many websites out there that inspire me. Websites that feature talented artists from all over the world. Inspiring me to create the greatest of things. But there is also a dark side to this greatness.

Websites like Pixiv and dA are pieces of the internet I love to visit. Many inspiring and talented people gather on those places to show their works. Sharing beautiful artworks with the world. I indulge myself in it. Gathering the most inspiring, artistic and helpful works that might help me get a better artist myself.

I love to draw and I try my hardest to practice as much as I can. I have drawn almost as long as I can remember, but I started to really pick it up after seeing Angel Beats around two years back. I wanted to create stories through pictures. Despite the fact that my tastes have changed over time, I still want to achieve what I had planned myself to do, creating stories through drawing.

Achieving this goal needs a lot of practice and reference. You won’t get there on your own and need some guidance in your journey to become that great artist you wish to be. Searching through tutorials, artwork that matches my tastes, which guide me along my journey.

But seeing all that great artwork, all those talented people gathered in one place also has its disadvantages. Because such a vast amount of great artists are present on sites like Pixiv and dA, you get the overwhelming feeling you have still a long way to go. Such a long way you wonder if you’ll reach it in your lifetime. Wondering if you’ll ever be able to create lively artwork that will collect praises from others.

Over the years I’ve copied a lot of works, trying to get familiar with the styles I fancy. Trying my hardest to mimic them. I want to achieve that greatness, I want to create inspiring artwork myself. When attempting on my own, it ends up in a lot of crumbling paper and erasing till I ruin the whole work. I look at my own works and the ones I’ve gathered, wondering if I indeed will reach that gold status I’m working so hard for.

While practicing my drawing skills, it’s easy to forget that those same artists you admire so much, didn’t do it all in one day. They’ve crumbled a lot of paper, erased till the paper started to shred, they’ve kept on trying and trying. If I’ll ever be as good as them, I don’t know. The most important thing is having fun in creating art and step by step you’ll get a little better. We are here to inspire, discover and learn.


One thought on “Inspired and discouraged by Pixiv & dA

  1. skycells says:

    Yeah, I’m never really satisfied with my final result but I still love drawing. It can be frustrating at times when you compare your work with other pieces you see on Pixiv or dA, but without them I wouldn’t have anything to aspire to.

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