Generate traffic to your blog

blogpThis post isn’t what I normally write about, but I think there are fellow readers or (potential) bloggers who would like this kind of post. People who don’t want to make money out of writing, but still want to be heard. Let’s take a look at some ways to attract some readers to your blog.

I’ve stumbled upon many blogs and some did very well and others could use a little push in the right direction to get things up and running as never before. I’m convinced you’ll feel more confident in your own blog and keep improving if your overall look and feel are in place. I’m no guru on the matter, but there are ways that can help you get noticed.

wp1If you don’t have a blog yet or want to improve your existing blog, brows around a bit. How do other blogs look like? What do you like about those blogs or what do you dislike? This will help you get an understanding of what’s out there and broadens your knowledge about blogging. You must have some favorite sites you visit daily. Establish what they do that made you come back on a regular basis.

When you have a better understanding of what is out there, you can brainstorm what you want to do. This blog is mostly anime orientated. I chose this because I wanted to share my thoughts and interact with fellow anime enthusiasts. You might want to write a blog about fashion, cars or food. The possibilities are endless.

wp2Not everybody has the knowledge to set up a whole website. Sites like WordPress are a great way to get familiar with running your own ‘website’ without too much hassle.

Setting up your WordPress blog isn’t that difficult. You’ve seen other blogs and websites, summarizing what makes them good and bad. WordPress offers different themes, paid and unpaid. There is a wide selection that would suit most tastes.

When you’ve chosen your preferred style, create different pages and categories to organize your posts. It is not only easier to navigate for you as the owner of the blog, it is easier for the reader to navigate on your site. They will discover new posts and perhaps subscribe to your content. Keep in mind a well looking and organized blog is the first thing visitors will see.

wp3Don’t focus too much on how your text will affect the search engine results. It is the content that makes the post unique or pleasant to read. Your readers come back for what you write, not the tags you use or copying texts you wrote earlier.

But it doesn’t end strictly with the post. When publishing your post you should carefully pick a title that corresponds with the contents of your text. If you have a lot of reviews, start the title of your post with review. If you post a particular series such as ‘Fashion Friday’, start your post with those words. You create distinguishable posts and guide people who read your blog or stumble upon your blog through search engines such as Google.

Using a mountain of tags won’t help. It is good for the search engine results, but annoying for your readers. Pick your tags wisely. Good tags should be sufficient to cover the contexts of your text.

wp4You’ve reached the stage in which you’ve readied your post for your readers. There is still a way to attract new readers like interacting on other blogs and social media.

When you don’t feel like posting anything, try to interact on other blogs you like. It is a great way to show that you exist and a meaningful comment might attract people who agreed with your opinion. Shouting ‘come visit my blog’ will probably be marked as spam or have the opposite effect.

Having a social media channel will alert followers who weren’t familiar with your blog or readers who’ve missed the update that a new post was released. Admittedly I’m terrible at maintaining my Twitter, that’s one network that isn’t made for me anyways. But interacting on multiple platforms is good for your search results and a good way to interact outside your blog. Leave a link on your profile on another site.

wp5WordPress has a nice way to track where your viewers are coming from. It isn’t as detailed as Google Analytics, but it’s nice and simple for the average user. You can track which keywords are used and where your traffic is coming from.

Some topics can be trending in the particular scene you are writing for. Some anime series have a hype and are popular on search engines. If you write about cars and a new BMW is coming out, writing a post about that will help get you higher on the search rankings.

wp6I hope I could at least help some of you that were interested in getting the word out for your own blog. Don’t forget that you do it for fun and not for the money. You have to enjoy what you are doing and every follower is a follower. And keep it going, if you sit around and wait nobody will come around.


7 thoughts on “Generate traffic to your blog

  1. Quizoxy says:

    This is an awesome guide for the new and the current bloggers! *Secretly taking down notes to further improve the blog* Have been wanting to do something like this but you have done a great job with it so cheers to you!

  2. milesvibritannia says:

    Well I know we’ve already had quite a bit of discussion about this with each other but it’s great to see you made a post about it as well. Other people can get a better idea of some of the stuff we talked about and this could really help to get more readers and whatnot. After all, blogging’s more fun when there are other people to share your thoughts with.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Our discussion indeed kind of came to mind when I was thinking about this post. I want to help others get some recognition for their efforts. It’s tough not being heard.

      These steps are very basic, but should be sufficient to get starters something to hold onto while in the process of starting. Maybe I’ll do a more detailed one in the future, we’ll see how this plays out:p

  3. skycells says:

    This is a really good guide! I actually did some research before I started mine, and I have to say this guide does a great job of covering all of the key points bloggers should know 😀

    Btw, I always love the banners you put in your posts; they’re simple but really add a nice touch to each post 🙂

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I was a little hesitant in making this post, wondering if people would appreciate this, but it seems its well received.

      Well I don’t like complete essays or walls of text so I try to balance it out with those ‘banners’. Plus it gives the titles in between a little extra touch.

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