Preview: Kyoukai no Kanata

kyo ani kyoukaA supernatural series by renowned studio Kyoto Animation, named Kyoukai no Kanata. Following high school student Akihito Kanbara, who isn’t actually a human being, in a dark fantasy setting. The series will air fall 2013 and in this post we’ll take a look at what this show might have to offer.

Akihito comes in touch with a mysterious girl named Mirai after he saves her. Mirai has the ability to manipulate blood. After Akihito’s heroic act, horrific events start to occur.

Kyoukai no Kanata sets itself in a supernatural setting. A mysterious girl who has the power to manipulate blood, which according to the synopsis, is a unique trait in spirit realms. Using the power to control blood isn’t unique storywise though. We’ve seen this in the series Deadman Wonderland in which a set of interesting individuals has the power to control blood.

Deadman Wonderland was an anime with a lot of violence and gore. I doubt that Kyoukai no Kanata will follow the same path. When considering Kyoto Animations’ past, series mainly focused around cute looking characters in slice of life settings. So apart from the blood manipulating aspect, I think those who dislike extreme violence will appreciate this format.

On the other hand I have my doubts with the supernatural aspect of this show, mainly the spirit world reference. Shows like Red Date Girl moved heavily towards the supernatural and apart from the fact that RDG was decent, the cultural references are hard to grasp from a foreigners perspective. The domestic audience could perhaps better relate to the topic at hand and feel more compassionate for the characters. Of course, when played right, many different audiences could appreciate the same show for a wide variety of reasons.

When looking at the voice cast, we have Kenn as Akihito. Kenn has done work for Air Gear, Kateyko Hitman Reborn and Uchuu Kyoudai. Mirai is voiced by Risa Taneda, who did work for Shinsekai Yori, Kiniro Mosaic and Yuyushiki.

The music is done by the excellent composer Masumi Itou. She did various works such as the beautiful soundtrack of Bungaku Shoujo, the series Shigofumi and ending theme song performance for Red Data Girl.

Knowing Kyoto animation, the visuals will be top notch like always. Combined with the strong cast, the music and the experienced director Taichi Ishidate at the wheel, we are probably in for a good ride. It is still unclear how the overall execution and storytelling will be, but judging from the commercial, familiar KyoAni elements will be present.


8 thoughts on “Preview: Kyoukai no Kanata

  1. andrewdt100 says:

    I am just glad that KyotoAni is straying from just strictly Moe shows with less plot. Not that I did not like them but I enjoyed shows before they started doing it more so. It reminds me of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and the Monogatari series. Both of which I enjoyed, so I have high hopes.

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