Studios: Silver Link

otome 3A young studio established in the year 2007 and based in Tokyo. Silver Link was originated from the former members of the studio Front Line. In this post we’ll take a look at a few great shows created by Silver Link.

baka testBaka to Test centers around an academy in which students are divided by their grades. The higher the grade, the better the facilities for the students. The students in the academy can fight for better facilities with their fighting avatars. The higher grades have to defend their honor and maintain their facilities to prevent them from being downgraded.

Fighting with avatars or demons isn’t a new and revolutionary story element. What made this show enjoyable, was the over the top humor. The show followed the lowest grade in their quest in capturing better facilities. Resulting in over the top battles with the avatars and accompanied humorous scenes.

This is show features steady and consistent animation. With its thirteen episodes, this show is an entertaining treat between other shows.

kokoroKokoro Connect tells a story about five students who are part of the Cultural Research Club. On one unfortunate day, they randomly start to swap bodies. The swapping is a phenomena created by Hearstseed, who uses other people as a medium to communicate with the members of the Cultural Research Club.

The synopsis seems pretty straightforward and predictable. Kokoro Connect did more than just exploit the idea that boys and girls swap bodies. It showed the underlying motivations for certain behavioral actions. Exploring different events and personalities, revealing what made a person who he is today. Combined with the occasional humor of course.

otomeFollowing the daily developments of a student and a ghost who has lost her memories. Tasogare Otome revolves around the ghost named Yuko who reveals herself to Niiya, a student at the Seikyou Private Academy. Along the way they unravel the truth behind Yuko’s death.

Tasogare followed a path of experimental visuals. Displaying many different color schemes, creating many different moods during its run. Silver Link tried many different techniques to enhance the story telling

Next to its interesting visuals, the story uses different tragic and horror elements to portray the story of the ghost girl named Yuko. In combination with the visuals mentioned earlier, the story gets a dark vibe that emphasizes the tragic fate Yuko had to suffer.


5 thoughts on “Studios: Silver Link

  1. skycells says:

    I don’t really know too much about studios like some people, but they do seem to be a good way to predict how a series will turn out. I think Silver Link seems to consistently put out some pretty solid content.
    Loved Baka and Test. I only saw the first episodes of Kokoro Connect or Dusk Maiden. I heard at lot of good things about Kokoro while it was airing. Didn’t hear much about Dusk Maiden though; did you watch it? If so, I’d be interested to hear your opinion on whether it’s worth the watch.

    • ninetybeats says:

      If I didn’t watch it or the show would still be airing, it wouldn’t be in this post. So don’t worry I’ve seen the shows that I’ve mentioned:p

      Dusk Maiden tends to be a bit more towards the C3 style(I haven’t see the whole show though). The usage of various color and lighting schemes is quite daring and experimental. It worked out in Dusk Maiden because it gave a dark vibe to the show. The story telling is also quite dark, but also mysterious. If you can appreciate a dark atmosphere and daring visuals, this might be your show. It’s really different from Baka to Test though, because the emphasis in Baka was on the humor.

      • skycells says:

        Haha, yeah from what I saw in the first episode when I watched it a while back it’s definitely not anything like Baka and Test. I usually like shows with a dark atmosphere, and considering Silver Link is a pretty good studio I guess I’ll check it out sometimes. Thanks for your input! 😀

  2. milesvibritannia says:

    Only saw a few Silver Link anime but so far I’ve enjoyed what I’ve watched. I saw Baka and Test about 2 years ago when my school’s anime club showed the first few episodes, I really liked the comedy so I ended up watching through it all and found a very amusing but also at times touching anime. Thought the whole concept of avatars with powers based on grades was pretty cool too. I also watched Tasogare back when it was ongoing, surprised me that it was made by the same studio as Baka and Test because of how much darker it was. Really loved the atmosphere and the whole supernatural mystery vibe. Opening song is probably one of my favorites too actually, just amazing.

    I also watched C³ on a friend’s recommendation and was pleasantly surprised. Didn’t expect much from it because of the MAL score but I found a series that was actually very enjoyable for me all things considered. It did have some of that random ecchi harem deal but I liked how it was also a pretty dark, brutal story with some interesting themes. Didn’t get to explore everything with only 12 episodes but I thought it was an enjoyable watch and I really want to give the light novels a try too.

    Haven’t seen Kokoro Connect but I heard that one was supposed to be really good as well.

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