Artist Spotlight Part 2

vania 2There are so many artists out there, that one post wouldn’t be enough to highlight all of them. Time for a part two to put yet another set of artists in the spotlight.                                                                      

Asakura Masatoki

Asakura Masatoki has an interesting comic-like feel to his or her works. Using very bright colors combined with black. Using black is yet rough on the artwork, but when used properly it can generate an artsy feel. With the usage of black Masatoki is able to give that comic look and give the artwork a more serious feel. Despite the black, the characters look very cute.

asakuraNext to the black, Masatoki’s lines on the characters are rather dominant. Whereas line art isn’t that dominant in many works, the lines are recognizable. Masatoki shows a lot skill and differs himself from other artists by his daring usage of hard lines and the color black.


Another very talented artist, Vania600. Not only does Vanio600 show a lot skill in using different lighting schemes, from evening to morning, vehicles are predominant in this artist’s work.

vaniaIt is interesting to see the usage of a variety of vehicles in the artwork. Where the character design isn’t revolutionary, the usage of vehicles places them in a familiar setting throughout the range of works created by this artist. Making Vania600 distinguishable from many other artists.


Nilitsu has a wide variety of artworks, but one interesting feature in these works, is the detail and shape of the eyes. Also the shape of the head, is a recognizable trait.

nilitsuAnother interesting and characteristic style element, is the fluency of the hair combined with sketch like shapes. Going from natural flowing lines to abrupt, almost conflicting, knife-like shapes. This creates artwork with hair that’s not overly present, but hair with a lively twist blending in with the beautifully designed eyes.

Mana Kakkowarai

Mana features a lot of cute girls in his gallery, portrayed in different settings. With the usage of different settings, Mana shows his ability to change the setting from illuminated streets to a vibrant concert.

manaThe shape of the heads resemble a bit to the style of Mel Kishida. Using a soft, yet stylized, curving line. This makes the shape yet simplistic, but difficult to replicate or to master. The color schemes on the other hand are very colorful, creating almost an utopian feel to the artwork.


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