Studios: Production I.G.

gc 2A studio established in the year 1987 and many great titles on its name, Production I.G. is one of the big players in the anime world. In this post I shed light on some of the shows produced by this experienced studio.

usagi dropUsagi Drop centers around Daikichi who has to take care of an illegitimate child from his deceased father. Nobody in the family is up for the job to raise a 5-year-old child named Rin, nor willing too, so Daikichi is set up for the task.

Usagi Drop shows how a single, thirty-year-old man takes care of a young child with no experience in raising a child. This results in heartwarming and beautiful moments that turn the life of a normal man upside down. As raising a child is no easy matter, Daikichi faces many challenges. Trying to do his best to make sure Rin grows up properly.

While the story progresses, Daikichi develops fatherly feelings and meets other parents that guide him. Of course nothing goes as planned, making Usagi Drop credible in its execution. Despite this show being in the Josei demographic, Usagi Drop is a must watch for everybody. And if you can’t get enough of the anime version, there’s also the manga and the great live action adaption.

shoujoBungaku Shoujo tells a story about the life of Konoha Inoue, a formerly bestselling author, writing under a female pseudonym. After a tragic incident he decided never to write again. Now he spends his days as a member of the literary club together with Touko, a girl who eats books. Inoue has to make sure Touko gets her daily dose of literary snacks, written by Inoue himself.

This synopsis seems utterly clueless, but the story tells literally anecdotes through Touko eating literary works. She tells what snacks she likes and what makes a work, a good work. In combination with the strong soundtrack, this series creates atmosphere. It draws you into the quests Touko and Inou embark on, trying to help others with their writing and reading knowledge.

gc 1Taking this show into consideration within this post won’t please everybody. Guilty Crown faced a lot of criticism during its run because of its seemingly shallow plot and meaningless characters. Still Guilty Crown had something many series lack, a great soundtrack.

Guilty Crown takes place in Tokyo in the year 2039 where a deadly virus has spread. It all started with the Lost Christmas event in 2029. After that an oppressive organization took hold of Japan to protect the virus from spreading. One day Ouma Shu obtains a remarkable power to create weapons out of peoples’ hearts. He must become the savior that releases Japan of the deadly virus and defeats the oppressive powers that dictate peoples’ lives.

Guilty Crown is objectively speaking rather dull in its plot execution. A heroic young man saves all humanity from despair, accompanied by a beautiful girl who will travel with him to the end of the world. Still I believe it is important to consider atmosphere and experience, not only what the story tells. The story is strengthened by the magnificent soundtrack. I dare to say that this is perhaps one of the better soundtracks in an anime series. And for that fact alone, Guilty Crown deserves to be mentioned.

psycho 2In the near future people can be classified as potentially dangerous or harmless, all through an ingenious system that measures the mental state of a human being. In the world of Psycho-pass a team of enforcers manage the crime in a futuristic society.

I dedicated a separate post about this show in where I told that some decisions should be made by humans. Computers cannot always assess the situation and make the best fitting decision. Psycho-pass shows that even a seemingly flawless system can have its shortcomings. Through the depiction of different crimes, Psycho-pass explores this system, where human judgment is being put to the test.


4 thoughts on “Studios: Production I.G.

  1. milesvibritannia says:

    I’ve seen a few Production I.G. anime, including most of the ones you wrote about. Haven’t seen Bungaku Shoujo though.

    Usagi Drop was quite a good anime. Really sweet and heartwarming tale with themes that I haven’t seen from a lot of other series. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as most others out there did though, was too short for my taste and being a slice of life, it didn’t feel like it had a real “purpose” per say as things sorta just happened. That said though, it did very well with the type of story it tried to go for regardless.

    Guilty Crown’s an interesting case. Contrary to many, many people out there, I actually enjoyed Guilty Crown quite a bit. I expected it to be awful from what I’d heard, but I found that I really liked it by the end. Reminded me a lot of Code Geass and Neon Genesis Evangelion, which is probably a big part of why I enjoyed it since I love those two series, not to mention the amazing soundtrack as you said. Of course, I’ve heard many people criticize Guilty Crown for being unoriginal and too cliche, though I figure that the reality is that EVERYTHING is “unoriginal” in the long run, as if something is truly original in some revolutionary way, it’d be too different for almost anyone to acknowledge it as being any good because of how different it is. There are always things you can trace stories back to at some point or another. In any case, GC was one I found I enjoyed a lot despite the negativity surrounding it.

    I recently gave Psycho-Pass a watch actually and enjoyed it quite a bit. Really interesting premise and some fantastic themes were explored, though I felt the character development wasn’t always as fleshed out as it could’ve been That said though, there’s another season coming soon so I’m looking forward to seeing what the story has to offer, on one hand there are reasons that I feel it might be weaker than S1 but depending on the story’s direction it might actually be a better story if it’s played out right.

    Other Production I.G. series I want to mention are Kuroko no Basket and Shingeki no Kyojin. Kuroko no Basket is one I really enjoyed, which surprised me a lot because I’m typically not a fan of sports anime (or even sports in general) but Kuroko’s entertainment value is fantastic and the experience was incredibly worthwhile. Shingeki doesn’t really need an introduction, as just about anybody is aware of the insane popularity it now has. While I don’t quite enjoy it as much as many fans out there, I have read the manga before and thus am well aware of the intriguing story it presents and the haunting mystery element that makes the story so interesting as it goes on. Sadly I can’t be too sure how far the anime will get to go, and it might end before some of the better developments of the manga take place so I’ll just have to find out how that goes.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Usagi Drop was a bit short, but as you said it was a slice of life. It gave a glimpse into another persons’ life so it didn’t have to do anything revolutionary. I also watched the live action adaption of Usagi Drop, which was really cute. It was very romanticized of course, but heck it was fun to watch. I believe it’s also a good introduction for Jdrama to get a glimpse of what other Japanse media have in store.

      Nothing is original, as everything has been done in some form or another. I don’t seek perfection or absolute orginality. If show is able to entertain me or take me to another place, it did a fine job.

      Pyscho-pass was good, but it didn’t really make the impact I expected it to have. It could’ve showed some more violent aspects or with more detail to show the hidiousness that is the controlling and observing system.

      I want to do shows that aren’t airing anymore to prevent the post from being inaccurate. I haven’t watched Kuroko, as you said you’re not a sports anime fan and so am I. Thanks for your detailed reply, as always:p

      • milesvibritannia says:

        Indeed, as far as slice of life stories go Usagi Drop is probably one of my favorites, it’s really well done. Though I’ve seen some people classify Clannad as a slice of life (which I’m not sure how much it qualifies) so sometimes I get expectations of another story like that and of course, it’s hard for something to be on Clannad level so there’s some disappointment there. And nice, I should watch the live action version then, it’s definitely a series that could fit into that form really well.

        Yep, it really is all about entertainment, and no matter how much people rant about quality or the lack thereof, the reality is that it always comes down to whether one enjoyed it or not. And since I happened to enjoy Guilty Crown a ton personally, there’s nothing more that needs to be done anyway. Anime is a medium for enjoyment and entertainment, and as much as I love it I am bothered when people turn it into an argument of quality and what’s “good” or “bad” when it’s incredibly subjective.

        I get what you mean, there are a lot of things I felt Psycho-Pass could’ve touched on but it ultimately didn’t get around to it all so in some ways I was a bit disappointed. It’s a good thing they’re making S2 now so hopefully that can pick up and deal with some of the issues that weren’t addressed in S1.

        That’s true, can’t sum up your thoughts as well as you could if the series is still incomplete and has more that it could present so that makes sense. And if you get the chance I would recommend Kuroko if only for sheer entertainment value. It does a fantastic job with that and a watch that I hadn’t expected much from actually ended up being one of my favorites of that season.

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