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blogfront 3When you watch anime, your interest in related material starts to grow. You search for manga or look for gorgeous artwork. Some us have a passion for drawing or have developed that over time. In this post we’ll look at the Japanese styled works of several talented artists.

With this post I want to introduce some of the more art-orientated, or those who are interested, readers to a few artists in the hope this will inspire you. Or perhaps you just love to look at beautiful art.


H2S04 has many cute girls in its gallery. I don’t have a lot of background information on this artist. All I can say is that the art is very colorful. The art features a lot of bright colors to match the ‘young’ look H2S04 is trying to accomplish.

h2s04H2S04 uses different methods to spice up the art. Using gradients to create a natural flow of colors, preventing the colors from clashing with each other. The gradients give the artwork a lively and warm feeling. H2S04’s art is best to describe as summer-like. The usage of dark color schemes is limited and even then does the artwork look soft and warm.


Fuzichoco is recognizable for her very bright color scheme. Trying to combine different colors to create a lively effect. As she said herself she loves to draw buildings and vast spaces, trying to create images with that in mind. Resulting in artwork with complex perspective and depth.

fuziFuzichoco is a representative for the Open Canvas drawing software and also did promotional art for the Bamboo Manga from Wacom.


Redjuice is perhaps one of the better known artists . Redjuice was responsible for the original character design in Guilty Crown, did concept design for Vividred Operation and is the illustrator for the short novel series Beatless.

redjuiceRedjuice makes a fair use of 3D-elements in his work. Creating digital backgrounds or stylistic elements to give his work a more futuristic touch. Redjuice uses a wide variety in color schemes, from bright to dark colors. Despite the diverse styles and color schemes, a work from Redjuice is always recognizable. May it be the eyes, the clothes, the hair or the 3D-elements, all those elements breathe Redjuice.


Kantoku has experienced a lot of publicity lately. Being responsible for the character designs from the light novel Hentai Ouji and illustrator for Your Diary. His coloring techniques are bright and colorful. This is combined with loli-esque artwork, making the colors young and vibrant thanks to the character designs.

kantoku 1Kantoku’s recent success has inspired a lot of artists to mimic his style. But despite this, Kantoku’s artwork is always distinguishable. He is also one of the few artists who still use a mouse and keyboard to color the artwork. Many artists have already discarded this technique after the introduction of tablets.

Mel Kishida

Another well-known artist, named Mel Kishida. Kishida did various works for the Atelier series and did character designs for Kamisama no Memochou. His artwork is recognizable by the typical shape of the head and many details in the artwork.

kishidaHis coloring takes a more realistic approach. In comparison to artwork from Kantoku or Fuzichoco, his artwork is more held back. In the Atelier series Mel Kishida played with brighter colors, perhaps to emphasize the youthfulness of the main characters.


4 thoughts on “Artist spotlight

  1. moonlitasteria says:

    Most of those artist I have heard of before, expect for H2S04. I have a folder full of Fuji Choko (Fuzichoco) work from the past and ones I use to use as desktop wallpapers. Do like how youthful and vibrant Kantoku makes his pieces and especially, Mel Kishida.

  2. Yuu Homura says:

    Very helpful information. I’m building a blog on these artists too! Your blog really gives me a quick look of what to expect. Brief yet thorough summaries. I like your post.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your reply! Good luck with your blog. I took a brief look, I think your going to post soon then.

      I don’t think complete essay’s are needed to describe artwork. A picture speaks for itself:p

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