Preview: AnoHana movie

menmaA summer drama soon to be released, a retelling of the anime series AnoHana. A story told through the eyes of the main character Menma. The movie is a follow-up for the successful television franchise, produced by A1-pictures.

AnoHana tells a story about a group of friends that got separated after the loss of one of their members. This member was called Menma and she returns to Jinta, our protagonist in the television series, during his high school days. The past begins to haunt Jinta as he tries to reunite a scattered group of friends. Each of the members suffers in their own way about the death of their beloved friend.

Jinta suffers from being a shut in and lives most of his days gaming at home. His father accepts his way of life, because of the death of Jinta’s mother. Jinta thus suffering multiple traumatic events, making him into the person he is today. But, the movie will be seen throughout the eyes of Menma, the other main character of AnoHana.

It will be interesting to see how Menma will be able to interact as she only has Jinta as her ‘vessel’ to communicate with the outside world. It would be a shame if the movie took a path of needless screaming to people that can’t see her. It’s too early to tell, but the movie at least has the same director, Nagai Tatsuyuki.

The movie will also feature the same voice actress for Menma, namely Kayano Ai. Ai is known for her roles as Inori in Guilty Crown, Mayaka in Hyouka and many others. A talented voice actress that will set forth the emotional roll of Menma.

AnoHana will be a tearjerker for many viewers and the movie will probably be no different. Those familiar with the story will probably be less surprised and less emotional by the events happening. With the right amount of drama accompanied with a strong soundtrack like in the television series, emotions will nonetheless be stimulated.

With A1-pictures at the wheel and a familiar cast, the movie adaption of AnoHana will surely be a winner for many fans of the franchise. It is still unknown whether the movie will be more of a recap or a retelling from another perspective with new insight in the lives of the cast. It would be interesting to see some new insight of how lives were changed during the period after the loss of Menma. The movie premieres this summer in Japan. Hopefully a sub-group will pick it up soon so we can enjoy this franchise once again.


5 thoughts on “Preview: AnoHana movie

  1. milesvibritannia says:

    I’m looking forward to watching the movie, I really loved the TV anime and it wouldn’t hurt to give it all a watch again. More than anything though I wanna see how the new content is, I’m not sure how much they’re gonna put in but I noticed that there was some new footage. Epilogue material I think it was? Something like that. Either way I’d love to see more Anohana, I really enjoyed this series.

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