Studios: Bones

gosick headA studio established in the year 1998 with great shows already on its name. Bones produced shows such as Darker Than Black, Gosick and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. In this post we will take a brief look at some of the shows from this remarkable studio.

gosick 1Gosick is one of my personal favorites. I even dedicated a separate post about this show. A story about an intelligent young girl and her companion. Solving mysteries together all over a fictional European country, set in the late 1920’s.

While writing a feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me. This is one of my favorite anime series. The visual style, the characters and the setting, it all felt refined and fitting for the story. I especially loved the characters. Victorique and Kujou, a transfer student from Japan, interacted on a natural level. Admittedly Kujou was more of a minion to Victorique.

The transition in behavior within Victorique through the series is one of the strong points of this show. Victorique was one of my favorite characters. She fitted within the Gosick universe. She made a transition from heartless to grateful throughout the series, giving her a more human feel. Her voice actress did a great job in creating a confident, yet fragile image for Victorique.

The mysteries in Gosick weren’t the most complex. Still it was interesting to see how the main couple would solve the mysteries, making use of their strengths and combining them together. The whole show was beautifully displayed with bright colors and fluent animation, resulting in a complete package that is most watch for many anime enthusiasts.

tokyo 1Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 has a rather grim vibe to it. The series stated that it was based on fictional events, but when the disastrous tsunami hit Japan, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 got a darker vibe to it.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 displayed how a girl and her little brother tried to reach their home. Along the way they meet a mother who tries to find her little girl. They encounter dangerous and unpredictable situations where the bonding between characters is most important.

Tokyo Magnitude showed the insecurity of people and who to trust in a chaotic situation. Everything can be organized and planned beforehand, but when disaster strikes it is easy to forget protocol. You become dependent on government and other people to help you out in the worst situations.

What this series showed is that people need each other. Surviving alone isn’t for everybody, not everybody can be an ultimate survivor after all. Having trust is important, but naivety can also be your downfall.

darker 1Darker than Black shows Tokyo that is invaded with psychics that appeared after Hell’s Gate’s introduction. The quest for humanity to understand this phenomenon is in full operation.

Hei, who is a contractor with psychic powers, is a hit man who is accompanied by a ‘doll” called Yin. She also has special powers that compensate for her bad eyesight. As she is a doll, she has no emotions. But throughout the series she starts to develop feelings for her companion, Hei.

As the series is very action packed with the decent amount of violence, I don’t consider this the strong point of this series. The appeal of this series lies in the emotional development of the characters as they try to unravel the mysteries of Hell’s Gate. Yin develops feelings, showing the transition from emotionless to loving. This was also the part that stuck with me the most, the diverse set of characters that moved in the chaotic world that was being portrayed in Darker than Black.

eurekaEureka Seven tells the story of Renton Thurston, the son of the war hero called Adrock Thurston. The world in Eureka Seven is filled with trapar, a substance that gives objects the possibility to fly. Renton Thurston joins an anti-government group named the Gekkostate and encounters many life changing events.

The story takes place 10.000 years after the humans moved to space after Scub Coral invaded earth. The Scub Coral are an intelligent life form who made earth their domain. The war to reclaim earth from the Scub Coral and the other side of the story, the peaceful co-existence with the Scub Coral, are the fundamentals for this series.

Eureka Seven showed a scattered world with fear and arrogance. The arrogance of the military showed the urge for humans to dominate their surroundings. The show displayed ugly truths to both sides. Sacrifices had to be made, even if it meant inflicting damage to mankind.

The series consisted of 50 episodes which shaped the world perfectly. I’m not a fan of shows that exceed approximately 24 episodes. But this show took its time to tell the story and create a deeper understanding of the world. Drawing the viewer closer to the events that happened, creating empathy and emotional bonds with the characters in Eureka Seven.


5 thoughts on “Studios: Bones

  1. milesvibritannia says:

    Bones is a studio with quite a few series I’ve enjoyed. I’ve seen Gosick, Darker than Black, and Eureka Seven, all of which I liked quite a bit. In the case of Eureka Seven, it was actually one of my favorites for a time, and I think I should really rewatch it to see if it deserves to go back into my top faves as far as anime goes.

    Other ones I enjoyed are Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Star Driver. Brotherhood being Brotherhood, it’s pretty obvious why I like it. FMA is my favorite Shounen series and actually one of my favorite manga as well, and though I actually didn’t enjoy Brotherhood quite as much as the manga I still felt it was a worthwhile adaptation on the whole. Star Driver on the other hand does not have quite the reputation, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people don’t like it as much as I did, but I felt it was a very enjoyable series with some great character development and amusing parody of the over-the-top nature of super robot series.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I haven’t seen Brotherhood. But I believe there are lot of Brother enthusiasts out there. I haven’t seen to many shows by Bones. Gosick was definitely one of the best anime for me.

      • milesvibritannia says:

        Brotherhood definitely has quite the following and I’d say it deserves it. As far as action Shounens go I’d say it’s one of the best out there and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for one that values its story and characters just as much as (or really, even more than) making intense fights. Though to be honest I would say that the manga is a better option but if you’d prefer anime over manga Brotherhood isn’t a bad way to go by any means.

        And Gosick was a pretty awesome one, though I haven’t watched it in a while. I like how it mixed an engaging murder mystery type story with romantic character-based elements and it made for a very enjoyable series. I’ll definitely have to rewatch it when I get the chance.

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