Oreimo S2 Review: My little sister’s sequel can’t be this good

ore rev 1When entering a show with too high expectations, it is bound to go wrong. And so it went wrong with Ore no Imouto the second season. A series that could have done so much more, but did so little to impress its audience. Welcome to my first ever anime review, a review about the sequel of Ore no Imouto.

High expectations are a bad thing in my opinion. I shifted my focus one day from high to low expectations. This worked out pretty good as many things weren’t as bad as I expected. I had to do the same for Oreimo S2, but I couldn’t hold back my euphoria from the first season.

ore 1The first season of Ore no Imouto was an anime, that despite its imperfections, captured my heart. Not because I have a thing for fetishist love for little sisters. I know you were thinking that while you read this. I loved the series because it portrayed a girl who was struggling to talk about her hobby. A hobby that might be weird in the eyes of many. Hiding in her shell and enjoying it on her own, but unable to express it. She had an image, a character molded by her environment, but on the inside wanting to do so much more.

This is a familiar problem that many people face. Being unable to express yourself, because of the fear that others might judge you. The first season was very strong in telling this story and developing Kirino into a character that opened up to the world. She discovered a hidden world and met new people, making many friends while discovering it all.

ore 2The second season tried to finish some lose ends. It wanted to tie everything together and create a complete package. But with this a problem occurred. Because the series tried to tie relationships and story elements together, it started to introduce and delete plot elements. This resulted in events that came out of nowhere with limited to no explanation.

The best example was Ayase who suddenly fell in love with Kyousuke, the older brother of Kirino. Not only did this come out of nowhere, it also seemed illogical to the behavior Ayase displayed towards Kyousuke. She was most of the time hostile against Kyousuke and tried to protect Kirino from her terrible brother.

There are many more scenes which implicated developments which weren’t explained properly, leaving the viewer guessing what might be the background of such events. It seems the studio wanted to rush the story. Maybe because of the limited amount of episodes that were reserved for Ore no Imouto.

ore 4Despite the studio change to A-1 pictures for the second season, the look and feel were maintained. The color scheme is the same with this second installment. Another positive note is the rather good soundtrack. The first soundtrack went by quite unnoticed, but this one gave some dramatic effect to certain scenes. Which was needed, because as I mentioned earlier, not all scenes made sense. So at least the impact should be decent.

ore 3Ore no Imouto S2 had a lot of potential, but it was wasted by the producer. I don’t know how much the anime is true to the novel adaption, but what I do know is that the studio tried to rush things. They should’ve taken more time to tell the story and explain certain events to the viewer. The episodes felt like separate stories, but they didn’t fit in a complete package. Despite all the negatives, it was nice to see the cast come back and move on to different stages, may it be illogical or confusing at times. I rate this with a 7 out of 10, just because I was glad that I could experience another season of one of my favorite shows.


3 thoughts on “Oreimo S2 Review: My little sister’s sequel can’t be this good

  1. Moonlitasteria says:

    I enjoyed watching this every week, but it could of been so much better. Hope the OVA’s they have in the works make the T.V ending more bearable, since it seemed too flat and uninvolved for my taste.

    • ninetybeats says:

      The second season was indeed a little bit all over the place. It didn’t follow a steady path and tried to wrap it all up as quickly as possible. Making this its downfall.

      I hope the true ending episodes will take a detour from this season and take a more realistic approach. Or at least tell a little bit of background story to make certain developments seem more logical. Thanks again for your comments:p

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