Summer watchlist

aria headSummer has started and the time has arrived to take a look at the backlog or discover new anime for the summer days. In this post I’ll take a look at some good summer anime to pass the time.

aria 1Aria the Animation is a slice of life series about a girl who tries to become an undine. On the fictional world Aqua, which was formerly the planet Mars, Akari learns how to operate a gondola.

The events in Aria the Animation may seem rather dull, but not many series achieve dull events to become relaxing. While watching the series my opinion was rather negative. Only after the series had ended did I comprehend what the show achieved what others could not, let me relax as much as possible.

This was made possible by the beautiful soundtrack that accompanied the series. The music fitted the show perfectly and enhanced the feeling of a laid back atmosphere. You could almost say that Aria the Animation was a promotional video for the Neo Venezia that was explored by the undines in this series.

higurashi 1Higurashi no Naku koro ni follows different main characters in their experiences in the haunted city of Hinamizawa. The show tells it story in different arcs, highlighting different events that match into a greater story.

Higurashi features cute looking characters in a traditional Japanese village setting. But be aware that the Higurashi franchise fits within the horror genre, meaning you can expect a decent amount of bloodshed.

The story stands on its own as it passes through the different arcs. Still the viewer needs to pay attention to the different developments in the series, as they tie the different ends together to solve the mystery. Admittedly, the animation wasn’t consistent and the series had some pacing issues. Overall this is an entertaining show for those who can withstand blood and gore. Higurashi does a great attempt in telling a story in its own way.

arriettyKarigurashi no Arrietty follows the life of little people. Little people perhaps as big as the size of an average palm of a hand. They have to live carefully and secure as humans are always around the corner. When humans are around, they could perhaps be captured. Our main character comes in contact with one of those humans.

The synopsis doesn’t look to innovative or original, but when you consider the fact that it is produced by Studio Ghibli, you know you will have an excellent watch. And Arrietty doesn’t disappoint. The characters are really colorful as they maneuver their way around humans and shape their own lives.

One other notable trait of the movie is the soundtrack. The music is really strong as it enhances the overall theme. It fits perfectly as it gives the show a more European vibe. This works fine for Arrietty because the show doesn’t put its emphasis on Asian or Japanese culture. This making the movie more accessible to a wider audience. Another movie from Ghibli that portrayed more cultural story elements was Spirited Away. But with Arrietty you are in for a lightweight ride .

natsuiro 1How can we forget Natsuiro Kiseki? A summer story about Natsumi, Saki, Yuka and Rinko who wish at a magic rock. The show portrays day to day activities in which their daily lives are in turmoil after the doings of the magic rock.

As this premise sounds pretty dull or predictable, the show did one thing exceptionally well. It showed how friendships last and are put to the test. Some friends leave, others stay. One friend has it all and the other has nothing. It shows interesting and relatable elements which are present when you look past the outer shell of the show. The show is set in an idyllic summer vibe and enhances the feeling of a summer vacation.


8 thoughts on “Summer watchlist

  1. Black Ragdoll says:

    I have a complicated love/hate relation to Higurashi, but I definitely agree that I’d be a good anime to spend some summer days on. I might watch it again myself if I can make the time for it. Other than that I really really want to see Karigurashi no Arrietty one day, it looks so interesting!

    • ninetybeats says:

      Higurashi had some pacing problems and storytelling techniques that weren’t my cup of tea everytime, but it still has the warm summer vibe along the way.
      Arrietty sure is a must watch, its lightweight and cute.And the music was really outstanding, its kinda folky.

      • midnightblade33 says:

        Yeah, not much of a decent amount of bloodshed though. I think there’s some traumas to it, since their eyes go all wide and haunted looking. I watched a few clips, most of it is just death, but there is things to enjoy in When They Cry.

    • windyturnip says:

      I loved the first season, but I hated the second. The mystery and horror were what made the series so great in the first place, but the second season went a completely different direction. I would almost go as far as to recommend that people ignore the second season altogether.

  2. Moonlitasteria says:

    Seen almost all those shows listed expect for Karigurashi no Arrietty, which I have been meaning to see since last year it came up. Not a big Ghibli fan, but my girlfriend who is seemed to enjoyed it, so I might still give it a shot.

    Psychic School Wars is another movie I think is perfect for summer. It might be too confusing to understand all at once, but plays out nicely. Might review it in the next few days, since it has been long overdo in my query – which is about a month now in my time, lol XD

    • ninetybeats says:

      I am also not a Ghibli fan, but this movie actually worked out pretty well. It was a complete package. I must say that I watched it in French, so I had a more laid back attitude. Maybe it is a little bit less relaxing when you have to follow the subs all the time. The french did a pretty good job to be honest:p

      You mean Nerawareta Gakuen, that show was actually pretty good. The visuals were like: wow. But I had a feeling it was more of a tech demo with a story:p

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