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Tasty_treat_in_the_snow_140874_1680x1050[] 2A studio notorious for its terrible animation, but every now and then J.C. Staff is able to pull off a show that makes shows airing in the same season look pale in comparison.

Keep in mind that these are not all the shows made by J.C. Staff. These are the showes I wanted to point out. You may not find all the shows you wished to see.

tora 1Two teens are labeled as delinquents and dangerous people. They are being avoided by many and have struggle blending in. Due to a strange turn of events they meet each other and discover the good side they have within them.

Despite the romance element sounding rather cliché-ish, the show places itself as an odd one in the genre. The good odd that is. Toradora tells its story in a quite unorthodox way within the teen romance genre. Teen romance series cope with the problem of a lack of credibility in my opinion. Shounen romance tend to pull the romance into the utopian format. Toradora nonetheless seems utopian, but it manages to create a credible environment for its characters.

It achieves its credibility by combining elements that are familiar in real life. One will not directly fall for the other and the other might like somebody else. Only after some time or even when it is too late you realize you liked the other one better. These are elements that are all too familiar to many and create a realistic setting for our main characters in Toradora.

sakurasou 1Another teen romance series with a notably strong first half. Sakurasou no Pet revolved around a group of gifted teenagers that stayed in the same campus. Our main character had no notable traits, so he had to blend in with a remarkable group of people.

The most remarkable of them all was Shiina. A young and talented girl who was an extraordinary artist. Her painting skills were highly praised, but as highly praised her talent was, as lacking was she on the social skills department. The show presented a positive and negative side of being talented. Some may be very talented, but lacking in social interaction. Distancing themselves from others because they are in some way superior to others.

But being superior in something may bring side effects. Where one is highly praised by others, it can also bring hatred or discouragement to others. Sakurasou portrayed a situation where Shiina was a natural phenomenon, but her friend Sorata struggles in reaching his own goals. The difference in natural talent and hard labor is well portrayed.

kami 1I dedicated a separate post for this show, but it’s still one of the better J.C. Staff shows in my opinion. Not because of the story, but because of the great setting it provided. Kamisama no Memo presented a lively city where many things happened.

In a large city many dangers lurk in the shadow and Kamisama showed us some of those dangers. The show also made a strong connection with a growing digital infrastructure and the possibilities it creates for certain individuals. When used properly, somebody can achieve great and meaningful things.

Where Kamisama lacked in character and story development, it excelled in creating a credible environment for its characters. For this reason alone, Kamisama is worth the watch.


8 thoughts on “Studios: J.C. Staff

  1. milesvibritannia says:

    I’ve only seen a few J.C. Staff anime as of yet, although I have quite enjoyed the ones I’ve watched so far.

    Toradora and Sakurasou are both amazing examples of good work from J.C. Staff. Both were fantastic romance stories but also fantastic stories about life in general, and seeing the characters grow and face the struggles in their lives was quite something and I must say that they were both very much worth watching. I actually finished Sakurasou a little less than a week ago, and even though that didn’t seem like it would be particularly great I found it to be amazing by the end.

    I’ve also watched Hatsukoi Limited and Little Busters. Hatsukoi Limited was pretty short but I enjoyed how that covered a wide range of characters and their romantic lives and I ultimately enjoyed that a lot more than I expected. Little Busters was a Key story so I was quite interested in watching that. Even though I felt it wasn’t quite up to par with some of the other ones, it was enjoyable all the same and I look forward to Refrain as I’ve heard many people say that it’s amazing. Unfortunately though I have yet to see Kamisama.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I know there are fans out there who praise shows like: Shana and Nodame Cantabile. Nodame Cantabile was especially overhyped in my view. It was like watching a picture drama with all the still frames. It was almost agonizing. The music was good though, to end this line on a postive note:p

      Hatsukoi limited wanted to do too much in a short amount of time. The characters weren’t shaped enough to make a complete package. It still did a brave attempt at the end to correct itself.

      Little Busters wasn’t my cup of tea either. I watched it for the sake of completion. The story didn’t progress enough and the characters were annoying to say the least. But to each their own, I’m not here to judge what series are good or not. It’s all my opinion. The most important thing is you’ve enjoyed it. Maybe you’ll enjoy Kami no Memo.

      • milesvibritannia says:

        Yeah I’ve seen that people like Nodame quite a bit, though I haven’t watched it and I don’t think most people I know personally have seen it either. I’ve wanted to watch Shana for a while since I heard it’s like Fate/stay night and I enjoy the Fate series quite a bit.

        Yeah I get what you mean, it did feel a bit rushed and 12 episodes generally is too short for a lot of storytelling. For such a small amount of time though I felt it actually gave pretty good development to a pretty large cast so it was enjoyable for me. It was far from my typical series at the time (as back then I don’t think I’d really watched many school anime at all, even now I haven’t but I watched this like a year ago) so it was a pleasant surprise.

        I didn’t find the characters so annoying but I understand your disappointment. Little Busters wasn’t quite as appealing for me as most other Key series, though I really enjoyed some of the themes it presented and the character development wasn’t necessarily “bad” even if it wasn’t great. That said though, I’ve heard many fans say that Refrain is the real meat of the story so perhaps the next season will be leagues better. Guess I’ll just have to wait to find out myself. And I hope I’ll enjoy Kami no Memo as well, it seems interesting but I’ll probably take a while to watch it sadly.

      • ninetybeats says:

        Well to each their own, I’m not one to judge if one show is better than the other. But J.C. Staff shows overall could use some more polishing, more attention to detail and story telling wise they could hire somebody new. I’m sure there will be people who have talent and want to give it a go at J.C. Staff. Of course I don’t know how much of an influence that can be on your overall production. Maybe its technology. Studios like P.A. Works made a positive change and KyoAni changed its visual style at some point. Maybe J.C. Staff needs to make that transition some day. But I mostly think its a mentality that plays at the studio.

      • milesvibritannia says:

        I get what you mean, so far I’ve enjoyed the J.C Staff series I’ve gone through but admittedly that isn’t all too many. One person I know has often expressed his disapproval of J.C Staff, though it seems that even he likes Toradora at least. Though I enjoyed Little Busters overall, I’ve seen a lot of VN fans who were quite disappointed with how it was adapted into anime (some gripes being with the animation like you mentioned about J.C Staff already, though it seems there’s more than just that) so perhaps something does need to be changed. Of course, I wouldn’t know myself until I’ve actually played the visual novel anyway. But hopefully they can make more series as enjoyable as Toradora was, and if not maybe they do need to take a look at how they can improve something.

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