Ano Natsu de Matteru and alien life

theAnimeGallery_142854_6000x2245 smallMankind is always searching and always discovering. Looking into deep space and wondering what might be out there. Take a look at the night sky and you might wonder what is out there. Is there alien life out there? How would it be like?

Ano Natsu gave us a concept of how alien life might look like. Interestingly enough the aliens resembled humans. It’s probably an indication of how limited our knowledge is about extraterrestrial life. We do not know how it might be like. Or maybe we are afraid of the unknown.

Mankind might be wondering how alien life is like, but it limits itself to creating humanlike creatures. Maybe we want to keep the unfamiliar a little bit familiar to prevent it from being scary or weird. For Ano Natsu it suited the setting and alien relationships would be legitimized. When thinking about extra terrestrial relationships it would only be possible with life that resembles our own. It is unimaginable to create a relationship with life that has no humanly features.

It’s also interesting that in Ano Natsu alien life had a rather passive attitude towards humans. We do not know what the intentions may be and what our visitor wants to accomplish by visiting us. In a doom scenario we could be harvested and destroyed. Imagine a situation where humans have reached a certain degree of civilization and have depleted their natural resources. Traveling across the universe to find another home. In an event we might find a suitable home, it could already have native inhabitants. Over the course of history, humans have proved to be a little less kind when it comes to land and resources. The thought that extraterrestrial life could pay a visit only for a cup of tea is rather strange and unlikely.

Luckily this was not the case in Ano Natsu. Where the alien came alone when it first arrived and not with a whole army. The story showed a more positive note on extraterrestrials, dipping the story in a sugary summer romance vibe. Making the story more approachable and aliens less frightening, instead of some fiction stories that portray the opposite.


2 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru and alien life

  1. czai says:

    well media basically established our current distorted views on aliens and media was also the one that gave aliens that taking-over-the-world kind of objective. no one really knows what they look like or if they actually exist.
    anime in general is probably the one that gave aliens a second look with AnoNatsu as a good example.

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