Preview: Magical Suite Prism Nana

Prism-Nana-magical-suite-prism-nana-32119941-1280-720An upcoming show by the notable studio Shaft, named Magical Suite Prism Nana, with character designs by Kantoku. A show set in the near future where girls walk their path to adulthood.

The story revolves around three adolescent girls with their own unique powers. Itaru Washioka, voiced by Suzuko Mimori, is the Heat Nana who has the power of fire. Asuka Asagi, the Earth Nana with the power of earth, is voiced by Asami Imai. And our last character is Kotone Oribe, the Splash Nana who has the power of water, voiced by Eri Kitamura.

The plot is pretty vague at this point, but we have notable voice actors already. Suzuko Mimori is known for her parts in shows like Btooom! as Himiko and Himawari in Yuru Yuri. Asami Imai voiced characters such as Chihaya in Idolm@ster and Kurisu in the praised series Steins;Gate. Eri Kitamura played Yui in the hit series Angel Beats. The character Sayaka in the popular Shaft show Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, was also voiced by Eri Kitamura. Considering the track record of the voice actresses, Prism Nana has a pretty steady cast behind it.

Studio Shaft has a lot of experience creating blockbusters such as Madoka Magica and the Monogatari series. But one thing that pops in mind, is the unique way of storytelling by Shaft. The studio is notable for its interesting color schemes and camera techniques. This may not work out every time. The Monogatari series had a lot of frames with a large amount of text which couldn’t be fully read by the viewer. It is possible the producer wanted the viewer to pick up keywords that set the mood for the following scene.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the show, is the character design by Kantoku. Kantoku is gaining quick popularity in recent times. He already did designs for the light novel Hentai Ouji and the game Your Diary. Kantoku has interesting coloring techniques with a lot of bright colors. Fun fact is that Kantoku still colors his drawings with a mouse. This is the opposite of many artists that use pen tablets to create their artwork.

kan 2Overall the show seems pretty promising. Prism Nana has an experienced studio and cast to shape the story. With the designs made by Kantoku, the show will have a nice look and feel to give the show a more approachable vibe. Shaft has a lot of room to play with the characters considering their diverse set of skills. The setting makes it possible to create unique and futuristic environments to fit in the characters and story. At this point an airing date is still unknown. It may possibly be the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014. We’ll have to wait for Prism Nana a little bit longer.

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