Flashback: Kamisama no Memochou

kami frontThe big city has many things to hide. Many things don’t reach the daylight and remain in the shadows. With modern technology our main characters try to fight crime in their own way.

In Kamisama no Memochou, Yuuko fights crime with all the technology available to her. Seeking the internet and looking for clues that could help her solve crimes. She is known for her effective detective work, guarantying a high success rate for her customers.

The only problem is she hardly leaves her room and uses technology to solve her crimes. But this can’t be done without the help of her comrades and her minion Narumi, who is introduced to Yuuko through a classmate named Ayaka.

This synopsis sounds very promising. The concept implies great detective work, but the execution is pretty minimalistic. The graphical display of the severity of the crimes in Kamisama no Memo is pretty limited, making the crimes less impactful. Despite crimes such as Yakuza and teen prostitution, the graphical display of these crimes stays fairly mild. The crimes are also quite poorly introduced. A more detailed background story or more cases could help gain credibility for the crime scene.

What Kamisama did very well though, is the display of a big city. The vibe of a big city was enhanced with the intro song that displayed various city scenes with one of the best opening songs I’ve heard so far. Big cities over a wide variety of different locations that have their own feel to it. A large amount of people are gathered in a central area, making it possible to show a wide variety of characters within different settings, within one city.

Because Kamisama implied the advancement of modern technology within a crowded environment, the series performed an outstanding job in creating atmosphere. It compensated its lack of story with the profoundness of the setting that was created. Not many series pull off a convincing setting that is worth praising. The setting draws the viewer further in, despite the limited story.

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