We need friends: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukanai

boku1Entering a new school is always an insecure one. Stepping inside your new school for the first time without your friends by your side can be a daring step to take.

Of course this is not applicable to everybody. But many will probably face this moment one time or another. The moment you enter your new school. You learn which hallways you need to be, which books you need and what your schedule is. The most important moment is probably blending in and finding people you have something in common with.

This may come natural to others, but not everybody has the gift to interact easily with others. Afraid to be ridiculed, ignored or not being able to interact. These thoughts fly around in a person’s head. And entering an unfamiliar environment won’t help either.

Boku wa Tomodachi introduced a rather interesting concept concerning this topic. Why wouldn’t there be a place where students could go where they could make friends? Friends with people who aren’t as good at making new friends either.

The good thing about such a place or club, is that the same type of people will probably gather. Having the same goal, making friends. People who already have friends won’t bother. People who have the intention to interact, but lack those social skills, will enter an environment where everybody has that common issue.

The chance of finding someone with common interests, or problems, might be a little less challenging when you know you are surrounded by people who experience the same. This could prevent people from being isolated.

Schools should provide this service. I know, I know, there are clubs and all. But clubs have a common interest and attract a certain type of people that already know how to interact, probably. They have common ‘interests’ and not a common ‘problem’. Providing a safe place within school for people that need that extra push to feel comfortable, should be in any school. Or you could step up to the person that needs that extra push and introduce him or her into your club. You’re all in it together.


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