Studios: A-1 Pictures

a-1Studios can have an interesting heritage. Shows that were brilliant, or pitiful on the other hand. In this post we look at A-1 pictures.

I’ll take a look at some shows by A-1 pictures. Keep in my mind that these are shows I’ve seen and were worth writing about. Hopefully this post will give a good impression of what the studio is capable off.

ao noThe son of Satan attending school to become an exorcist. It sounds like a paradox, but they’ve managed to pull it off. Ao no Exorcist is your typical shounen series with all the elements you might expect. Romance, drama and action are all present in this series.

The show had a wide variety of colorful characters. Of course they had to fit in the shounen genre, so they have some cliché characteristics. Heroic, tolerant, helpful and all those other nice character traits the good guys should have.

The start of the show was very strong and lost a bit of its touch at the end. Which was, in my opinion, the downfall of this series. But because the beginning was so strong it deserved mentioning. The animation was very decent with the bluish vibe from our main character throughout the series.

idolmaster 1Idolmaster followed the day to day activities of an idol group. The group consisted out of girls that were working to break through as an idol. Idolmaster did one thing exceptionally well, and that was portraying a wide variety of characters within one idol group.

The show took its time to highlight the different traits each member had. Their personalities were different, but they were all in it together. The wide variety of characters gave the show a refreshing feel. A-1 pictures could play with so many characters that the story could remain surprising in its storytelling.

Combined with the catchy soundtrack, which in my opinion wasn’t that strong every time, the studio had the possibility to show off their animation skills. The performances were well balanced, though not perfect. The music performances of GirlDeMo in Angel Beats remain unmatched.

anohana 1AnoHana, the emotional rollercoaster that belongs within my list of favorite anime. Following the story of a deceased girl that appears in front of one of her friends on a certain summer vacation. This resulting in many situations with emotional outbursts that emphasize the loss of our main heroine, Menma.

For some people the crying in the series may be a little too much, but it definitely fits the setting and enhances the feeling of loss.  AnoHana could take a little more time to tell its story and build the characters. Not all characters get the attention they deserve and are left a little bit in the unknown. Luckily their overall relationship is well enough portrayed, but then again it could be more profound.

working 1Working!! has already two seasons, but nonetheless worth mentioning. A story revolving around a girl who has androphobia, especially towards her new male colleague. In a family restaurant they have to get along to maintain the best service for their customers.

The first season revolved so much around the androphobia, that it became rather annoying. But the second season shifted its focus more towards the other characters which made the story more pleasant to look at.

sekaiAn underrated series in my opinion. Animation wise perhaps not the strongest series. It had some ups and downs, but some episodes showed almost magical movements which reminded me of Disney-movies.

The plot was pretty complex and implicated many different moral and social rules. The humans with telekinetic power were supreme rulers of the modern society depicted in Shinsekai. Only at the end did I comprehend the vastness of the show that was ShinSekai Yori.


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