Flashforward: Sakasama no Patema

000-ee135In this post we look ahead to Sakasama no Patema, a movie from none other than Yoshiura Yasuhiro.  A story revolving around different worlds.

This post will look into shows that are yet to be aired. Highlighting potential gems that deserve some more attention. If this post deems itself worthy, I might make more of these kind of posts in the future.

I mentioned Yasuhiro in the lead and that means something. He was responsible for Eve no Jikan, a show that raised multiple issues for a modern day society where morals were tested, as robots became more and more human-like. The synopsis from Sakasama hints towards something similar where a princess, named Patema, discovers the world around here.

The story might portray the collision of two different worlds or moral societies. Letting speculation flow, we could see Patema be confronted in a non princess fashion. In her own world she may be a princess, but what if somebody that is unfamiliar with her world confronts her as a commoner. That might lead to interesting scenes in the world of Sakasama no Patema.

Moving on to the cast, the voice-actress behind Patema is Fujii, Yukiyo. Looking at her previous work she had supporting roles in series like Fairy Tail and SKET Dance.  Sakasama no Patema will presumably be her first major role.  It will be interesting to see how the voice actress will cope with playing a whole movie. But minor popularity doesn’t necessarily mean bad acting.

All in all the story seems promising. Judging with Eve no Jikan in mind, the story might be a well executed treat. With several moral and ethical issues underneath its skin. The movie will probably air in 2013 and hopefully a sub-group will decide to take on the task of creating subtitles for those who have limited or no knowledge of the Japanese language.


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