Flashback: Gosick

Gosick.full.1436455My first post in looking back on an anime series that is worth writing about. In the first post of ‘flashback’ I pay attention to Gosick, one of my favorite series.

The ‘flashback’ series is in no way a review of the concerning series. I want to highlight series that deserve more attention and left a good, or bad, impression with me. We begin our kick-off with Gosick.

Gosick revolves around a Japanese exchange student who attends a presumably, prestigious school. In his day to day activities he gets in touch with Victorique. A girl who resembles a doll and spends her days on the highest floor of the library. She is often asked by the local detective to solve different crimes. Not the petty crimes, but real murder cases. Her intelligence is unmatched and she is a valuable mystery solver.

Victorique’s intelligence combined with the crime cases, make her an interesting character that places the story nicely into the mystery genre. Fair enough, the mysteries aren’t that high in complexity. But the fact that they are solved by a fragile looking girl makes it enjoyable to watch. Making a mystery too complex could leave the viewer confused and unsatisfied because he couldn’t figure it out on its own, some way or another.

Kujo on the other hand is like the boy toy that fulfills the needs that Victorique may have. In hindsight Kujo wasn’t the most profound character out there, but he fits perfectly with Victorique in the setting that is created.

Concerning the setting, it feels quite refreshing to see a series that sets itself in another timeframe. A timeframe in the mid 1920’s. Of course the historical accuracy leaves room for debate, but focusing too much on this can ruin the experience Gosick tries to transfer to its audience. The world is beautifully and colorfully displayed.

Gosick portrayed a well balanced story, with characters that made the mystery genre approachable. It may not be historically accurate, but in all honesty I don’t watch anime as a replacement for actual education. Gosick was definitely worth watch.


2 thoughts on “Flashback: Gosick

  1. -blacksheep says:

    well you reminded me why I wanted and needed to re-watch this. Victorique is definitely one of those truly unforgettable characters and Gosick’s setting is undeniably beautiful. I usually don’t look at historical accuracy most especially when the series isn’t exactly focusing on history.

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