Saving the world with smartphones in Devil Survivor

Shin.Megami.Tensei .Devil.Survivor.2.full.1471083 2In our daily lives we almost take it for granted. Our smartphones provide us with constant data streams and help us keep in touch with friends and family. In Devil Survivor they even save the world.

It’s a little optimistic to think that our smartphones will function as modern day weaponry that will save our planet from complete annihilation. And it kind of looks idiotic, instead of pulling a gun, you pull your smartphone. But that’s not what this post will be about.

In this post I wanted to put more focus on how modern day technology influences our daily lives, and in particular smartphones. I’ve made several posts about technology, so this one won’t come as a surprise for frequent readers. And despite smartphones not being as futuristic, they still hold some pretty amazing stuff and nothing seems to stop their rapid development.

You may remember a time where you had black and white screens on your phone and no possibility to put your music on it. You could sms, call and listen to radio. Of course phones became more and more advanced. Later on you could take high resolution pictures, with a phone that had a color screen.

Looking back at what those phones had to offer, they fall into oblivion in comparison with the phones we have nowadays. A smartphone can easily navigate you from one location to another and via an internet connection locate where you could eat after your long journey. Don’t forget posting a status update on of your social networks that you’ve arrived at your location. Which can be done automatically with check-in software installed on your phone.

Still those advancements don’t better our lives. Sure, you won’t be lost that often anymore and now you know where the nearest McDonalds is in case you get hungry when following your navigation. The real advancement comes when my smartphone can check my health. My smartphone could give me health advice. Perhaps I should move a little more to reach a healthy weight or he matches my medical condition with similar cases. When it is uncertain and threatening for my health, my phone could automatically consult my doctor and make an appointment. No longer in uncertainty about your health.

Before we reach the real ‘smart-phone’, there is still a long way to go. But technology is on its way to better our daily lives, not just making it easier. I don’t think smartphones will defend us against monsters and alike though.


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