Bakuman: life and work

theAnimeGallery_127586_1400x1013 2Two young boys who want to make their dream come true. Doing everything in their power to realize what they want to achieve. They will reach their goal at all cost, even if it means losing touch with society.

Bakuman was a well made story that was presented quite well. It portrayed a sugar coated story of two young men trying to fulfill their dream. And in some way it felt like an advertisement to show how beautiful manga-companies can be. Risking it all for their writers and making them feel as good as possible. Of course I don’t have inside information on the world of manga, but in Bakuman it is depicted exceptionally heartwarming.

But that was not the topic I wanted to bring up in this post. Bakuman touched a subject I think many face at some point in life. Deciding if you will realize your dream or spend your time on less productive activities. Of course putting effort in realizing your dreams is no shame. But will you give everything to realize your dream? Will something else be just as rewarding?

Working till you drop isn’t the salvation for your problems. It may be a way to fulfill your dream, but it will devour the other side of life. The life of social interaction and merging in society. Bakuman showed that they put so much effort into working for their manga, they almost lost touch with society. Trivializing friends and family. Interestingly enough they found time to have a healthy relationship with their loved ones despite their work mentality. Of course this can be a cultural attitude where the border between work and private life is more faded.

Finding a healthy balance between work and private life can be tricky, but can help you cope with different stages in life. Reaching the realization that you are close to fulfilling your dream but destroying your private life is a border nobody wants to cross.


3 thoughts on “Bakuman: life and work

  1. Restia says:

    That’s kind of a big problem for me, I have a lot of things I like to do (but I suck at everything) but not enough time. I’m running low on sleep here lately =_= staying up doing various things that aren’t related to school. I think my relationships at school are fine, but really only click with the people that have similar hobbies as me (I have a lot of hobbies, so that kind of helps haha).

    • ninetybeats says:

      Another nickname change, it’s confusing now:p
      Well you should make a choice in what you’re good at I believe and focus on that. There’s no shame in exploring what you might like to do. There are always people with same interests and there are many ways to meet them. It’s good to have something in common.

      • Restia says:

        lol Actually I was using Restia a lot before I launched my AniBlog haha.

        But I realize how annoying that is, it’s only convenient for the person who changed it XD Like how last year the doujin circle CYTOKINE, changed their name to ZYTOKINE. Not that big of difference, but now I get confused between which one of the two names are the new one. And then there’s also Yellow Zebra changing their name to R-Note.

        I think I’ll stick to/go back to being Restia for a while haha

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