Angel Beats and the cry for a sequel

Angel_Beats! 2A story with room for own interpretation can be a good thing. On the other hand it can leave the viewer behind with too many questions at the end. Is a series that leaves room for the imagination the best way to bring a franchise to a close or do we want all the answered filled out?

The case of Angel Beats is an interesting one. The setting is designed that many questions from the main cast are left unanswered. We don’t know the back stories or their motivations for joining Yurippe in her quest to punish God. But not only do we know little about the characters, the place and time our cast is in, is also little described.

In the first place this is not a problem. The series manages to work its way to the end, without giving answers to all the questions the viewer may have. On the flipside, would the setting be too difficult to comprehend for the viewer? Or did the creator have difficulty in creating his own world?

It is hard to imagine that the creator would have had difficulty in shaping his own imagination. His inspiration comes from many different beliefs, which are molded into the setting of Angel Beats. But revealing too much could lead to a misunderstanding, such as the arguments against its factual accuracy on the subjects it tries to discuss.

Letting this assumption go leads to another possibility why this series didn’t took its sweet time to tell us all about the world and characters that were displayed. A reason could be that the series’ budget wasn’t as high as it should have. It is difficult to decide whether a series will be a success or a complete failure that is best to be forgotten. The producer had to decide or it would be wise to dedicate a large budget and perhaps putting the future of the company at risk.

The cry for a sequel is easily made and I couldn’t agree more. But carefully considering the reasons for not choosing to create a sequel, one could be happy with the show that has already been delivered. And leaving something to the imagination can make the series last, even after it stopped.


11 thoughts on “Angel Beats and the cry for a sequel

  1. Artemis says:

    Angel Beats is one of my favourite anime of all time – and I’ve been watching anime for quite a while. While in many ways I’d adore a sequel, I’d be too afraid that it wouldn’t match up to the perfection (or as close to perfection as an anime to get, at least on an emotional level) that is the original. I imagine I’d have the same reaction to hearing about a sequel to Cowboy Bebop or something of that caliber. Some things, you simply can’t beat.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I think the expactations would be so high, that a sequel won’t do it justice. Everybody who loved the series, will expect something that is even better. Which is difficult when you already thought that the first season was beyond great.Thanks for your reply!

  2. Moonlitasteria says:

    I remember reading awhile back reading an Interview that Dengeki did with Jun Maeda and Na-Ga on the concept and how the series was created. Think wikipedia has it paraphrased, but you read the full thing here:

    As far as the series itself, I think Angel Beats ended just fine and doesn’t need a sequel. Besides, I think with the alternative epilogue that was included on the DVD/BD it made it clear that you could see the series ending either way. Would of liked the other characters to be explored, but I am satisfied without knowing.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Unfortunately I’m unable to read Japanese and I don’t think Google Translate will do it any justice:p Reading the wikipedia page they mentioned it needed more time to tell its story. Still not really a clear reason why it was left with the amount of episodes it got. Perhaps that Maeda Jun couldn’t travel that much and work on the show.
      I’ve seen the alternate epilogue, which made room for more theories behind the series haha.

      • hhMobius says:

        Exactly. While Angel Beats clearly deserved two cours rather than just one to flesh out the rest of the characters, it already wrapped itself up. No sense in making a sequel.
        Fortunately for us, Key Visual Arts is remaking Angel Beats as a visual novel, reversing the process that other Key works like Kanon, Clannad, and Little Busters underwent. The visual novel format has huge potential to go further in depth with each character’s story in ways that are not possible in a mere 13 episodes of anime. Unfortunately for us, it may be several years before its release, and even more till it is translated. Patience, patience, patience.

      • Moonlitasteria says:

        That was the Japanese link? Could sworn that one had English annotations embedded. Oh, well…

        Yeah, it needed awhole more since to me, seemed like it was all over the place storytelling wise. Regardless, the series was alright and Maeda could proabably do a reboot if he likes, but I do not see that happening any time soon. Although, who knows, he might consider it, if not a sequel….

  3. midnightblade33 says:

    Even though I could have liked a sequel, I don’t think that AB! has any hooks to catch on. We have a lot of questions, But it ended fine, and it wouldn’t be interesting to see them in the new modern afterlife, and with the Angel problem resolved. Using an new enemy would repeat the same.

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