Favorite male characters round up

fm 2I dedicated an earlier post to my favorite female characters. This time I’ll take a look at my favorite male characters.

Admittedly selecting your favorite male characters is trickier as a guy. At least for me, picking the favorite male leads was more difficult than with the female characters. Despite this fact, male leads can make quite an impact within a story. I believe the most memorable characters, are the ones that come to mind instantly. That’s why there are only three male characters in the round up.


Kyon is the best male lead out there to date. His withy remarks on the doings of Haruhi really shape the story. The way he describes his surroundings and friends give a new dimension to the story. His opinions overflow the story.

Kyon doesn’t lead a tragic life in particular. Which makes it more interesting when his world is turned upside down and as he tries to analyze it by his logic. With the strange world defying logic of Haruhi, Kyon tries to make sense of this world with inner dialogues that give a comedic touch to the series.


Just like Nagisa, Tomoya brings us ups and downs in life. The power of Tomoya’s character lies for a great deal in the great voice acting. The voice actor fits Tomoya perfectly and turns him into a person that feels realistic and human. As a character, Tomoya goes through different stages in life in which he encounters many ordeals.

With the death of his mother and his abusing father, Tomoya suffered a lot of sadness in his life. Trying to grant the best possible world for Nagisa and his daughter, give the story a truly profound and touching feeling. At first he looks like a delinquent, but later on he only wishes the best for his surroundings.


Kiritsugu is a character who is difficult to comprehend. His tortured past, have made him into a person immune to loss. We see him as a coldhearted killer, who knows no limits in reaching his goal. These elements make Kiritsugu a terrifying character that on the other hand, manages to draw sympathy to his cause.

Kiritsugu is given shape by the excellent voice actor. The cold and deep voice gives the character an unbelievable large amount of profoundness. The emotions and struggle Kiritsugu encountered in his life are clearly portrayed by his voice actor. The voice actor that gave Kiritsugu shape, emphasizes the importance of a good voice acting cast.


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