Spring season standings

blogfront 2Some shows have reached, or have almost reached, the halfway point in their spring season debut. Time to take a look at the shows so far.

This will be my first mid season round up and may need some polishing in the future. If this kind of post deems itself worthy for future posting that is. Note that, as I said in my spring season first impressions, I do not pick up all the shows airing in a particular season. The ‘Ninety’s Choice’ label means the series is definitely worth the watch. Note that the label doesn’t necessarily mean it is my favorite show in the season.

oreimo 1

After the studio switch for the show, it was interesting to see how the show would develop. And so far, there are no surprises. I didn’t expect new developments that would move away from the main plot. Kirino is still her arrogant, bossy and a little insecure on the inside self. There is a little more focus on the side characters to give them more depth. This is a good development to make the story more profound and play around with the setting a bit.

Despite the positives, there is a lack of plot progression. So far I have no clear understanding where the show wants to go. However the route it’s trying to expand, is the love between Kirino and Kyousuke. Considering how the last season was, the show puts its focus on day to day activities which flow into one another without any real twists. Focusing back on the side characters, some deserve more screen time. The feeling that some characters are left behind, is present.

rdg 2

Red Data Girl is really a feast for the eyes. P.A. Works knows how to make a product appealing. The studio pays great attention to the backgrounds. Making them colorful and detailed, which shapes the overall look and feel of the show. The variations in the environments is note worthy, as the studio is able to turn a colorful scene into a dark horror setting within the blink of an eye.

The theme in Red Data Girl is really original and P.A. Works tries to give it a unique vibe. But the uniqueness of the theme, makes it for people who are unfamiliar with Japanese folklore, a hard to grasp show. The nearly biblical displays of legendary beings, brings the show to a next level within the supernatural genre. The mythical creatures have their own characteristics in how they manipulate their surroundings. Then again, more in-depth background information would help get a better understanding about the creatures in the show. But keep in mind that this show is broadcasted in its native region and I doubt P.A. Works had western viewers in mind when developing this show.

aiura 2

Aiura is a show that is divided in few minute episodes. This can be a deal breaker for some, but can also mean a nice change of pace. If a few minutes a week is effective story wise, is a topic for another debate.

The story in Aiura won’t give viewers a rollercoaster ride of action packed, heartbreaking and tear jerking scenes. The show ‘only’ gives a glimpse in the daily life’s of three girls. This is all portrayed in a magnificent art style, that mostly remembers of a book with colorful drawings. The colors are so canvas-like, that it feels like your actually ‘watching’ a book. Personally I really enjoy shows that present their story in this art style.


I didn’t pay attention to this show in my first impressions post. I was not sure what to expect of this show and admittedly I still don’t know what to think off this show. It sure isn’t anything I expected. The way Dansai Bunri presents its story is weird and appealing at the same time.

Dansai Bunri revolves around murder objects that are designed to kill(obviously). Every murder weapon has its own unique features and the one our main character owns, happens to be ‘killing’ hair. The writer of Dansai Bunri seems to possess a healthy amount of imagination. The way he portrays his characters and the setting are well presented by the studio. Considering the story, the style of animation suits the story. But as I said, I still don’t know what to expect. The different story elements feel a bit hit or miss.


This show is actually pretty decent. Knowing the studio behind the show was J.C. Staff, I was skeptic about the ability of this studio to implement Kantoku’s art into the animation. And they managed to pull it off, to some extent. The colors are bright and colorful, but I think there are studios out there, that could play around a little bit more with the color scheme that is characteristic for Kanatoku’s art style.

On the inside, I’m not a huge fan of the voice actor that represents our main character. The character itself is well worked out, but the voice doesn’t quite fit. Despite this, he blends in nicely with the other cast members. The story itself isn’t that profound, but it fits J.C. Staff. The story plays around with suggestive elements within the main plot. This makes certain scenes not as forced, where in some cases ecchi elements feel forced because they are not intertwined with the story. Hentai Ouji has found the sweet spot, mixing story and graphic display nicely.

gargantia 1

The first few episodes of Gargantia showed a futuristic sci-fi reality. The scale and vastness of the setting implied next level warfare. However the series shifted its pace to a more relaxing one. Focusing more on the Gargantia, the ‘floating town’ where our main character has stranded.

The Gargantia itself underneath, shows a society like we all know. The difference is the fact that it happens to be in the future and it drifts over the sea. Despite this, it still portrays a society with recognizable morals within an ordinary society. It shows how an outsider tries to get adapted to a system he is not familiar with. Possibly in the near future the series will shift back to where it all started and then the morals that our main character has learned, will play a major role. This is just a wild guess, but it feels like its heading this way.


7 thoughts on “Spring season standings

  1. Setsuka// says:

    This season is just fabulous, too many good series that I can hardly keep up! Summer Season line up doesn’t disappoint from the looks of it either~
    And +9999 Aiura~ huehuehue

      • Setsuka// says:

        I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it to you or someone else, but I’m going to say it anyways XD I actually really enjoy mini-series (a lot of people hate them), I probably like them because they’re revolve around Comedy, which is my favorite genre. I’m really excited for Summer not only for the upcoming animes like TGWOK S3 and the adaption of Kimi no Iru Machi etc etc (finallly), but both Senyuu & Teekyuu are returning! Oh the glory!

      • ninetybeats says:

        I don’t mind the short series, but the series must be able to get its point across in the short amount of time it has. That is pretty tricky within the short time they have each episode.

      • Setsuka// says:

        err, you probably don’t remember who the fuck I am since I’m a faggot and changed my name.

        Formerly Muri-Muir (from Denpa Waves blog) here~ hi o3o
        I’m ashamed at myself for changing names even though I said I wouldn’t OTL

      • ninetybeats says:

        I saw you had the same profile picture, so I was able to make the connection to Denpa Waves:p
        But your blog still exists right, I saw you posted something.

      • Setsuka// says:

        I only go on gravatar to change my avatar XD I only check my WordPress whenever I need to post haha~ But because of that, I was late to see Akira’s goodbye post ㅠ_ㅠ I’m so sad….

        Indeed my DenpaBlog is still in existence haha. Procrastinating work and writing about dumb things yet again~

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