A canvas to life in Aiura

aiura screenHeavy computer rendered images and flashy animation don’t necessarily mean that a series will be top notch. With a drawn-like art style, a series can have its own unique feel. Aiura feels like a children’s book that has sprung to life.

Aiura tells its story in short, few minute episodes. It’s presented in an artsy style that reminds me off a children’s book. A children’s book with colorful drawings fit for a bedtime story. The theme on the other hand, isn’t fit for a bedtime story you would read to a young child.

aiura sample

Using this art style isn’t unique in any way. Fife centimeters per second did sort of the same, mimicking a painting or drawing. Fife centimeters per second used techniques applicable to paintings with its color scheme. Using colors that blend together or lighting effects emphasizing the drawn art style. Sometimes with heavy saturation as a result. The usage of those particular animation techniques in Fife centimeters per second, resulted in a beautiful end product.

The advantage this animation technique has, apart from the amount of freedom the animators have in creating a unique world, is the amount of escapism it creates. The reminder of a children’s book is one thing, but ‘drawing’ a world gives a sense of escapism. It doesn’t need to depict the world in full detail or match exact realistic colors. It can play with colors, creating a new world. A world that reminds of a picture book, when page after page the story unfolds.


This is in no way a defense on this form of animation. Every animation has its benefits and disadvantages. Some are better suited for quick action sequences, where others are more suitable to create an atmosphere. Still the drawn canvas like art style is amazing in many aspects. Its colors and the environments are a feast for the eyes. It feels like stepping into a painting, wandering into another world. A world resembling our own, only with brighter colors.


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