Favorite female character round up

ffCharacters can make or break a series. Some are outstanding and profound. Creating a setting in which you want to know more about them. You tend to get emotional when something unfortunate happens to them. I want to dedicate this post to my favorite female characters.

Publishing such a post is tricky to some extent. As over the course of time, one may encounter new characters that are even better than the ones you mentioned in a dedicated post. Within the series I’ve encountered, I’ve seen many different characters. The ones that follow are the ones that stuck with me the most.


Clannad is one of my favorite series, especially Clannad After Story. It depicts not only good times, but also the dark side of life. It doesn’t try to romanticize daily life. Apart from some elements that seem a bit too good to be true. Despite those factors, it created a credible world where characters encountered many stages in life. The meeting of new people in school life, graduating from school and entering society. Stages that have their ups and downs, with a right amount of unpredictability.

Nagisa Furukawa played a major role in the development of the story. She felt human in many ways. She wasn’t perfect. She was fragile and had trouble interacting in social environments. Her health played a major role in the way she interacted with friends and family. These elements made her so much more human and credible than any other character out there.


Many favor Kirino’s friend, Kuroneko. Kuroneko is a very strong character with many likeable traits. Still Kirino made one thing relatable, the fact of hiding your true passion or hobby. I talked about it in another post, where I also put the emphasis on hiding what you love, because of the fear being judged by others.

Kirino showed a side that many others can relate to. Not being able to show what you truly like and love to spend your time with. Shaping your character into something that isn’t the real you, pushing away what you really love. This resulting into a character that can be obnoxious and cold, but on the inside tender and forgiving. Kirino portrayed this side to human character that for many is all too familiar, thus making the story more relatable and recognizable.


Despite having traits used many times before, Victorique fits perfectly within the setting that is created in Gosick. A world that is shaped with bright colors and historic elements. Victorique blends in with her arrogant, yet fragile attitude.

Being bossy has its downsides, which are shown perfectly in the series. Not everything will go as smoothly in life, but Victorique has a way to strategically move through the motions. Her intellect gives her the power to solve mysteries that befall her friends.

In particular these traits don’t seem to special or unique. The way they are shaped into a fragile girl gives the viewer a better understanding of the position she’s in. Only intellect won’t save you and doesn’t equalize power if your physique isn’t strong enough. Coming to the realization she needs a companion, makes her more real than all her previous traits.


Not the most original choice I believe, but still a good one. The hyper, irrational attitude Haruhi has, makes her one of the favorite characters to follow. Shaping the world to her needs and thoughts, leading to many hilarious moments.

Bringing chaos to her surroundings, Haruhi still manages to bind a group of people together. Probably it’s her characteristics, in combination with her leader attitude, that make her a great character. The withy remarks of Kyon, help portray Haruhi into an even more profound character. The only downfall she may have, is her oversaturation within anime for many. But letting go of the hipster level, Haruhi remains one of the best characters around.


Yin doesn’t speak a lot of words, nor does she show a lot of emotion. But one does not need many words to express emotion and their soul. I’ve dedicated a post to Yin, in which I described that having no emotion, doesn’t necessarily mean not possessing feelings. In her own way Yin manages to pull you into the story, making it more compelling and touching. Something only the best characters can pull off in a series.

Her hidden feelings for Hei make her surroundings wonder if a doll can really have emotions. In the series she proves that even a doll, can express feelings towards others. Caring and loving for friends. Yin portrays, that even the introverted will have your back.


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