Utopian energy in Vividred Operation

vivid1The world our modern society has created depends heavily on energy. Energy is imported from all over the world or some nations are lucky enough to have their own supply. In Vividred operation this problem is solved with one energy hub that distributes to all other nations around the globe.

Funny enough this has caused no major conflict with other nations. That’s a curious development, because the situation remains in present society, that nations look for independent energy supplies. Being dependant on other countries to maintain the flow of energy isn’t the preferred method governments want to use.

Being reliant on other countries, means great political risks. Countries cannot easily interfere in foreign affairs. The need for energy comes before the moral issues that can be apparent in the concerning area. Countries where human rights are being ignored, but have energy resources, will be tolerated. Letting them go would mean devastating losses in energy supply.

On the other hand, countries with many resources can keep buyers in a stranglehold. Forcing them to comply to certain political decisions. Like mentioned before, buyers can be forced to stay silent about internal affairs in the concerning nation. Having complete control over energy supply, gives great power.

In the world of Vividred, Japan is the distributor for all the world. This is interesting, as the supply comes from an area that is unpredictable because of tectonic activity. Also is it remarkable that the technique to generate large amounts of energy, isn’t used in other nations. Somewhere along the way other nations must have complied to terms that give them a steady supply of energy. Giving in to many risks that can threaten the stability of their country.

It is utopian to think that no country has attempted to invade Japan, to steal the knowledge to recreate the facility, to generate great amounts of energy. It is also remarkable that there is only one supplier. One supplier that feeds the world with energy.


6 thoughts on “Utopian energy in Vividred Operation

  1. Mwnanamai says:

    While being the suppliers of certain strategic resources provides countries with extra-leverage in international disputes it is equally utopian to think that without these violators of human-rights would somehow have a harder time maintaining their regime. Countries such as Burma are not the producer of any strategic resources and still are dictatorships, sometimes because the local politics makes the dictatorship possible and Democracy impossible.

    There is such some plot potential if one country tried to steal the incarnate Engine in the Vividred Operation universe or to try to weaponize it, so this could be the second season.

    Maybe the world of Vividred Operation was written with the same utopian mentality that is common in movies and anime, with an united world under the UN.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I agree that having an energy source doesn’t directly mean totalitarian regimes aren’t possible. But what it does do, it keeps critique at bay. As with countries like North-Korea that don’t supply anybody, could get the wrath of others. But just like in Libia, who had oil, others interfered, probably to secure the flow of oil. But that is just speculation, it can have many other reasons. Perhaps mainting stability in the region.

      And I don’t know anything about a season 2 or anything. I’ve actually enjoyed Vividred to some extent.

      • Mwnanamai says:

        I also enjoyed Vividred, I hope they make a second season. Not just the the silly buttshots, but also the story, and the characters.

        My main objection to the theory that oil helps totalitarian regimes is that in some of these countries one dictator fall leads to another rising, so the problem is mostly of lack of Democratic traditions.

  2. infinitezenith says:

    I could be here forever offering addendums or counterarguments to your articles, as they were remarkably thought provoking, and this article is no different: nicely done!

    If you are curious about how energy distribution may indeed lead to wide discrepancies between nations, I recommend giving Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (First Season) a watch. Even though it is a series about giant mecha, its portrayal of a solution to the energy crisis (and the socio-political implications of such an arrangement) is a more plausible outcome for what may arise should humanity find such a solution, presenting a fine exercise in contrast to the utopian world the Manifestation Engine has created.

    • ninetybeats says:

      There are a lot of factors, just like Mwanamai already mentioned. But mentioning them all, would make it more of an essay than a short blogpost:p
      Mecha isn’t particularly my cup of tea to be honest. But despite that, the need for energy and the developments around it are rather interesting.

      • infinitezenith says:

        Gundam 00 was what got me into the whole mecha genre, not so much for the Gundam combat sequences, but for the unique world it set the major players in. Unlike the UC (or CE), where it was Oldtypes vs. Newtypes, Gundam 00 was more about the challenges the world faced as it tried to unify itself under the solar energy generation system. At least, that’s how I saw it when I picked it up five years ago.

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