First impressions spring season 2013

front blog cover 2With the posts about first impressions on spring season 2013, I decided to join the bandwagon and give my take on the current season. Many interesting and less interesting series have come across, time to take a first glance.

I want to start off this post by saying that I’m not the person to pick up every series that airs in a particular season. You may find series missing or wanted to read an impression on another show that isn’t discussed in this post.

rdg 1P.A. Works is notable for its excellent background and animation design. The characters move fluently and the backgrounds are balanced and rich with color. But as clear and bright the animation, as foggy and unclear is the overall setting of Red Data Girl. The viewer gets a vague understanding what the overall theme is, but is left in the dark what the core is. The only hint we get so far, is that our main character is a human vessel for an ancient spirit.

Shifting the focus onto spirits, makes this the major hurdle in following this show. The fact that it concerns Japanese folklore and mythology. Being not as familiar with Japanese folklore, it is hard to grasp the main and underlying thematic.

oreimo 1The new season of Ore No Imouto is being continued by a studio with its ups and downs, A-1 Pictures.  Notable works such as Ao no Exorcist, AnoHana, Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail. Wondering how this studio would adapt the Oreimo franchise, they did a fine job so far in keeping the look and feel of the previous season.

The new season does nothing new and depicts what every fan of the series might expect. At its core it follows the life of Kirino and her Otaku obsessions. Her surrounds may be against it, but seem to have grown more accustomed to Kirino’s interests in this season. Still Kirino has trouble adjusting and showing her interests out in the open completely.

The strong character that Kirino and her surroundings are, make this show relatable to many that struggle to show what their true interests are.  When the studio can maintain the consistent animation and storytelling, we are in for a nice ride with nothing new to expect.

hw1Kantoku has experienced rapid popularity and his character designs are now featured in Hentai Ouji. The story about a boy who wants to be honest about his feelings and thoughts towards women. Along with a female companion, who wants to act more mature, they pray to a holy statue that can fulfill their wish.

The title combined with the works of Kantoku brings a long a set of themes that won’t surprise many. Knowing Kantoku’s works, one might guess the focus will be suggestive or ‘ecchi’ imagery. And that is certainly the case with this show.

Producer J.C. Staff is an animation studio that tends to be very inconsistent in its works. Animation wise this studio isn’t top notch. Despite that, it is able to pull amazing visuals and it doesn’t disappoint in Hentai Ouji.  Admittedly, expectations weren’t as high with the studio and this show.

aiura 1Not all series need flashy action sequences to get their point across. Aiura brings a story to life with children books visuals. The canvas like art style fits the lightweight story perfectly.  Instead of watching a full fletched story, the viewer gets the feeling the story skips through the pages. Skipping through the ordinary life.

The slice of life genre isn’t fit for everybody, as this show follows the lives of Amaya, Iwasawa and Uehara. Giving a glimpse into their daily lives in few minute episodes. For those who can appreciate lighthearted and short stories, this is a nice change of pace.

kyojinUnexpectedly good start, with strong animation. I didn’t know what to expect from this and didn’t bother to pick this up. But seeing it pass by, I decided to follow it and I didn’t regret this choice.

The beginning of the story revolves around a city surrounded by walls, trying to defend itself against giants who try to eat humans. For a century the walls seemed to be a good defense against the giants. One day the city of the main character Eren, is being attacked and many people perish. The latest attack seems to be the tipping point for Eren to dedicate his life to slaughter the giants that terrorize human beings.

Production I.G. showed it is able to create atmosphere and create beautiful action scenes. The animation had some manga elements, which blended in nicely with the heavy lining in the character designs. The characters at least showed emotion. And why they were feeling that way. The terror by the titans is portrayed gruesomely, giving the gravity of the matter more impact. It will be interesting to see how consistent the studio can be after this strong start.

gargantia 1Science-Fiction is an interesting genre. It explores modern technology, but also portrays, may it be unsaid, the short comings of modern society. It gives a glimpse into a future far ahead. In this case, a future where humans explored the vast realm of the universe.

Suisei no Gargantia shows the life of a young soldier named Led, stranded in another space and time. The concept of space and time is very interesting and gives the producers possibility to play with alternate realities that are beyond our imagination. The blend with modern robotic warfare gives the series a familiar look and feel. Making the topic somewhat relatable. When to abstract in setting, it may lose its audience.

The producers, also Production I.G,  pulled of impressive animation. The characters and environments were detailed and lively. The interaction between characters so far, felt realistic. Keep in mind the script is done by Urobuchi Gen.  Gen is the creator of Fate/Zero and made the script for Mahou Shoujo and Psycho-Pass. That is a reassuring factor, because the dialogues will probably not suffer illogical moments or forced plot progression. When this would be the case, a series might feel rushed and unnatural.


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