Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and accepting the flow of time

theAnimeGallery_131557_2000x705smallTravelling through time will for many be the salvation to end all tragedy or to turn back bad mistakes. Shaping life in the way one desires, grasping every possibility. But will you make the best of the time you have left?

In the realm of time and space, time is not yet defined. Experts argue that time is merely a creation of modern civilization to give structure to our lives. Still time progresses forward, it doesn’t move back. Time is unforgiving and it is never enough. When one would be able to travel back in time, one could change the remaining time to suit personal needs.

When travelling in time, rules of nature are being set aside. Events are being ignored or will never happen. Some events in life are indeed to horrific to take place and one would change it as soon as possible. But what many forget is that events in the past, shape the person in the present. When everything is rewritten, character building is changed. Environments are being changed, and limitless changing can result into irreversible situations. Chaos will take over structure, because chronological events will not flow through time.

Cancelling out negative events can also cause even more negative effects within the flow of time. In Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, Makoto tries to change and relive events in the past, unconsciously creating an almost inevitable and terrible faith for her friends. Changing the environment to your own benefits will cause problems for others. And the worst part is, that the others have no control of the flow of time. You dictate their lives, may it be unconsciously.

Realizing the limits is important to make sure that the time you have left, is spend as good as possible. When everything is changed to suit the needs, the natural flow is disturbed. Bringing chaos to the person you once was. Shaping you into a person that only knew good and never experienced to cope with bad.

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