Breaking taboo in Hourou Musuko

hourou1Controversy feels like a creation of the mind. A representation of the moral and social codes in the concerning area. Some are more controversial and the one in the spotlight in Hourou Musuko is cross-dressing. The wearing of clothes from the opposite gender.

The story revolves around Shuuichi Nitori, who is a regular boy with an unusual hobby. His hobby is wearing girls clothes. His direct environment accepts or tolerates his interests. Sometimes they happily oblige and the fun can begin. Still as kids, differences aren’t that present. As they grow older, differences become more of a hurdle. The group of friends, try to at least stick together and accept each other’s way of life. But as tolerant as his immediate surrounds are, as intolerant is his environment.

Within his school life he often faces which side of himself he should express. Does he want to go dressed as a girl or as a normal boy. This conflict leads to many personal struggles. Inner conflicts that hinder social interaction. One could think there are more terrible things in the world than a guy who wishes to dress as a girl.

This series shows us the opinions towards people who dare to be different. You can be who you want to be, as long as it is well within the social codes that are dominant. Watching this series gave realization that being different isn’t a problem. And in all honesty, we sometimes tend to judge others far too quickly.

Hourou Musuko made a rather controversial topic approachable. Showing a side of him where he feels most comfortable. With a cartoon approach, the topic was brought to daylight. It not only showed me the topic, it also made me understand how Nitori moves through everyday life. The struggle and hardships beautifully displayed. There should always be tolerance towards those who try to be different and mean no harm, as they themselves also struggle to fit in.

One thought on “Breaking taboo in Hourou Musuko

  1. nyaataku says:

    This anime reminded me greatly of my hometown of Thailand. Although cross dressing and gender swapping is seen as normal, there was always the sense of discovering who you are through the process. Questions arose such as “Why am I doing this?” or “How did it become like this?”

    There is also the factor of how people look at you. What do we think when we see people different from ourselves? What is the definition of being normal?
    I really do believe the anime was trying to approach these questions as well. Like you states, the anime did give a sense of trying to show it’s audience the meaning of acceptance and struggle with this controversial topic.

    Great anime. T_T and saddddd!!

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