Shinsekai: recreating society

Aonuma.Shun.full.1456820smallFollowing this series wasn’t that amazing, only when it ended I started to comprehend the world that was created in Shinsekai. It was a world with new moral rules and a society that resembled legal genocide.

The society of Shinsekai is created after events that happened many, many years before. Humans with telekinetic power started their up rise and wiped out a great amount of non telekinetic humans. As telekinetic power came as a blessing for many, it was a downfall for those who weren’t given this gift. Mass murder and war were a result of this conflict between species. Which of course ended positively for the ‘superhumans’.

This gift was a double sided blade, as it had its side effects on human nature. The mind began to wander and unconsciously set free telekinetic energy, making it a threat for society. On the other hand, there were the people that could use cantus against their own kind. Which posed an even bigger threat for society than the ones that leaked it unconsciously.
Humans were genetically modified to prevent that criminal acts could arise. Death feedback would be set in motion to prevent the human from using its cantus. They were punished before the evil act could be set to work.

The Death Feedback wasn’t the only way of making sure unlawfully acts would happen. When one became a threat, or when signs were present, they would be disposed off. The ones who were aware of this fact would flee and live away from civilization. Without any form of trial, humans would be disposed off. A terrible thought as nobody had the means to defend themselves. Even if it wasn’t intended.

Still this wasn’t the most horrible creation in the world of Shinsekai. The oppression of Querats showed the evil side of humans with cantus. As Querats were intelligent beings, they would be comparable to humans, only their appearance wasn’t a resemblance. Querats had no cantus and were destined to live under the rules of humans. When the humans were displeased, the Querats were also disposed off. Not one, but whole colonies had to suffer their wrath.

Amazingly enough, the humans would not acknowledge that Querats were intelligent. They would live as slaves under human dictatorship. Oppression is bound to go wrong, it is only a way to feed hatred. Hatred among those who are being looked down upon.
Shinsekai showed us the ugly side of human arrogance, as they wouldn’t admit that other organisms could have the same amount of intelligence as they have. Only because they weren’t blessed with telekinetic power.

11 thoughts on “Shinsekai: recreating society

  1. Muri-Muir says:

    Everyone loves Shinsekai XD It is a great show, I should probably finish it. Protest against the oppression of Querats! That’s makes me wonder what it would be like if we truly found an intelligent species other than humans. There has been human slavery before, but if humans were to find a new, different intelligent species, how would they treat it? Whether they would care for them, and be help them, or conquer then, and use them. It also brings up the point on “power corrupts people”.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Maybe we will be the ones that will be oppressed by another species. Again another arrogant thought, that we are the ones that conquer all:p
      We assume we are dominant within the universe or world and decide about life and death. Of course not everybody thinks that way, but I think it is in the human nature to dominate instead of cooperate
      PS. finally settled for an avatar/profile picture, you had many these past days haha

      • Muri-Muir says:

        Oh lol that never occurred to me haha. Humans are full of evil thoughts heh

        Ninety, the longest I’ve gone with one avatar is like 2 weeks XD I change my avatar alot, and I like to be coordinated, so I change ALL of my accounts to the same one! A lot of work~ I used to change my name alot, but finally got over it, I’ll stick with Muir =w= Although, I don’t think anything can keep me from not changing my avatar, I just put it as whatever I’m interested in at the moment haha

      • ninetybeats says:

        Oh I don’t mind you changing avatars. Just wondered haha.
        I found myself a pretty cute one. I don’t change it that often. I have my moments where I feel I should change it, but stall it until I don’t bother anymore. Or can’t find anything that suits my style, so I don’t force it.

      • Muri-Muir says:

        ^v^ I like your Suwako avatar huehuehue I can’t keep myself from changing it for long XD if I see something I want as my avatar, I’ll probably save it in a folder, and then change it the next day since I probably won’t resist the urge!

      • ninetybeats says:

        And now I know which character I have as an avatar:p
        I gather a lot of images for drawing and inspiration, I pick one of those to use as a profile picture most of the time.

  2. Moonlitasteria says:

    Sadly, it is fear, power, and a little ethnocentrism (minus the ethno part) that are the main diseases that ran rampart through this series. It was bad enough that the under-performing children would go “missing”, but even worse what the adults did to the queerats just to hold power. At one point in the story, I actually (sort of) sympathized with humans during the war, but did a 180 when the finale came up. Bad thing about it: the humans failed to acknowledge they were ever *no spoilers*. I wonder if I would felt the same way, unless Squealer and Satoru brought up the point. Loved this series.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I still believe that in some way the humans were convinced they were superior because of their power.
      Especially in the beginning. But when the system startled to crumble, they realized how vulnerable they’ve become. And indeed the fear came.

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