Code Geass: the totalitarian society won’t last

C.C..full.1234611smallThe past has known many empires and totalitarian regimes. Even today there are still dictatorships that oppress their citizens to make sure they stay loyal. But in the shadows, the downfall is being contemplated. In Code Geass, the fictional Holy Empire of Britannia is bound to fall. Britannia, most likely a reference to what we know as Britain, has taken over most of the world. They conquer other nations, populate them and make sure the native citizens become the slaves of the new invader.

Of course native citizens won’t give away their independence that easily and no matter the cost, they will get their country back. A nation that invades another country could have many possible reasons. Expanding territory can’t be the sole purpose. Natural resources can be abundant on the yet to conquer territory, or a possible threat could arise and should be stopped before it gets out of hand.

Some reasons maybe of more noble thought and others must be justified with propaganda. A possible propaganda slogan could be, to give the native citizens their independence back from the government that is ruling them. Of course the new ruler is going to invade them and the native citizens perhaps don’t experience their government as oppressive. The invader Britannia, treats its ‘new citizens’ as slaves. This results in hatred from the conquered nation.

Not everybody dares to fight, but the ones that do, are giving the Britannians a hard time. Guerilla movements break down the enemy with little damage. The clocks of downfall sound when Zero crowns himself the leader of the Black Knights. An organized group , that inflicts heavy damage to the Britannian forces. The way this is achieved is of course fictional. The power Zero possesses is otherworldly and the weaponry used in Code Geass, is not something we have available in present times. Despite this, the series portrays a situation that isn’t unthinkable.

Feelings of independence and nationalism are sure to arise when ones country is being taken away. Moral can’t be changed overnight. Using brute force to convince the natives of your good intentions, isn’t the most persuading tactic. Totalitarian regimes will never last forever, when civilians take matters into their own hands.

16 thoughts on “Code Geass: the totalitarian society won’t last

  1. Muri-Muir says:

    Military tactics, Warfare, and supernatural stuff? I might need to start this…Code Geass. Not as mainstream as other animes like FMA, Bleach, *coughSAOISOVERRATEDcough* but I’d say it’s like Gintama. A big presence in the Japanese anime scene, but not mainstream enough to have the foreign anime watchers know it. The amount of episodes is pretty intimidating though XD I heard it’s also a tragedy…

    lol sorry for being off topic on your post, I don’t really know what to comment since I haven’t even watched this series OTL *too used to side-tracking conversations*

    • ninetybeats says:

      I saw Gintama pass by every now and then, but I’m not a fan of long running shows. I would suggest Code Geass. I was hesitant at first, but I picked it up after some time. It was really tense and I’m not a fan of warfare series or anything. It’s quite accessible for people who are not familiar with or fan of war genres. Thanks for you feedback anyway haha:p

      • nyaataku says:

        Glad to see you posted the Code Geass remark!! > </ Yeshhhh!

        Watching Code Geass, I couldn't help but see how the creators tired to reflect that as humans, we somehow tend to get power consuming. For example, we first see that Lelouch is fighting to take back his freedom, but we see how obsessive he is that it eventually leads to his own downfall. But overall, I still can't see him as a "total" villian. Instead, I see him as just a leader, a revolutionist for that matter, that tries to seek an additional route, yet still doesn't FULLY understand WHAT he want to do after finding it, thus making him lost through all the confusion.

        I agree that I don't like long running shows as well. A lot people try to glorify shows that have a long running history like Naruto or Bleach but let's face it, a show like Full Metal Alchemist which was only 18 volumes long compared to One Piece's 69 had an amazing pace, storyline and conclusion. And it didn't have to stretch it's story longer and longer to please it's fans.
        I'm not a big mecha anime watcher as well, but with Code Geass…wow…it was just amazing !! O.O

        I'm sorry if I'm writing too much XD ackkkkk~!!

      • ninetybeats says:

        I didn’t see the hidden message of humans eager for power. I also didn’t see Lelouch as revolutionist, the hunt for power was a tool to seek revenge. There was no ulterior motive to free the people of Japan, only were they needed to get closer to his goal. By any means necessary.
        Long running shows give the impression they want to cash in on the existing franchise. Some people are willing to sit it through, as I see it as use of the same formula multiple times.
        And I don’t mind the comment, feedback is always appreciated.

      • nyaataku says:

        Watching the show from my perspective, I saw how the act of “conquering” an area and basically taking over it’s citizens life is the humans (Britannia) is showing just how powerful they think they are. They have no regard for the citizen’s life as they believe they are meant to lead the people thus showing that they have become “over powering”

        Ooops, sorry if I implied it wrong. As in freedom, I wasn’t trying to imply Japan’s freedom but of Lelouch’s own. Seeing as he himself did not want to be an inferior to anybody.

        I think so as well. Bleach is just lost on it’s plot now, and it’s time for them to finally conclude the story instead of overrunning the series.
        I guess it’s because the fact that one of their favorite shows (that have basically been running for almost a decade) is coming to end can come to a sort of surprise to them?

      • ninetybeats says:

        From the Britannians point of view it is conquering, but I think Lelouch still mostly wants revenge instead of the freedom of Japan. If you put it into his perspective, maybe he wants to cut ties with his family and be ‘free’ as you mentioned.
        Well Bleach has ended if I’m not mistaken. At some point is has to end in my opinion.

      • nyaataku says:

        Oh it had ended?? O.o Woah….I thought they were going to continue the series for a bit longer…
        I think so as well, sometimes it keeps going on and on and it’s getting pretty annoying seeing new enemies pop up out of nowhere.

      • Muri-Muir says:

        I generally don’t like super-long running shows either, I’ve dropped pretty much all shounen anime that air too long around 80~100 episodes. Although I only dropped Fairy Tail when they started that stupid filler arc =_=

        Comedy is my favorite genre! You can’t stop me!! XD I’ve seen all of Gintama’s “Gintama’ ” return in 2011 (50 eps), but only 78 of the original airing since I watch it on and off cause it’s too long haha. Did you know that Gintama used to run back-to-back with Bleach? Gintama is serious business! Most comedy animes don’t run this long though, with the exceptions of Gintama and Keroro Gunsou (coincidentally I’ve seen around 150 episodes for this one~)

      • ninetybeats says:

        Haha I’m more into Tragedy, Mystery and Supernatural I think. It also depends on the show, normally I think 25 or so is already too long. But if the show’s good then it can be more episodes.

      • Muri-Muir says:

        I don’t dislike SAO, I like the series and the Light Novels, but SAO fags are really getting on my nerves =_= Like seriously, the anime adaption was not that good. I haven’t read all of the Aincrad and Alfheim arcs, but I know those who read them, and they say the pace was horrible. Also, honestly the first arcs ending was total bullshit. Kirito wins because of a glitch. Okay. And then the big mystery behind SAO Kayaba regards as, “LOL I FORGOT.” ಠ_ಠ

      • nyaataku says:

        Ahahaha, yes I think it’s a bit overrated. Yeah, it’s a good story overall but I wouldn’t consider it an original storyline.
        I stopped after their first “out of the game” moment and when they went back it was just…..huh??!

        XD Loved your last remark!! It was indeed quite a “That’s it?!” remark when I saw it.

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