Aria the animation and sweet serenity

aria2After watching this series, I labeled it as floating between relaxing and boring. In hindsight this series did something, what not many series could achieve. Aria the animation made me feel at ease and forget everything.

Aria the animation moves within the slice of life genre. It gives a sneak peek in the life of Akari, who is an undine on the fictional world Aqua. During her time she makes friends and learns what it means to be an undine.

The aforementioned premise doesn’t sound to spectacular and will probably not give you a rollercoaster of action sequences. But what perhaps is the goal of this series, is to transport the viewer into a world that is so relaxing, that it reliefs you of the stress you have encountered in your daily life.

The taking away of stress is mostly realized with calming music, combined with scenes that emphasize the slow pace of life on Aqua. Despite this being the future, the world is very calm and serine. Almost unthinkable due to the fact that life is becoming high paced with more advanced technology all around us.

The calming music is mainly the factor that made this series outstanding in what it tried to achieve. The music was so relaxing, that it practically made me numb for what was happening on the screen. I just followed the story how it progressed. And how it suddenly stopped. The series didn’t require any heavy thinking to analyze what was going on. With some series around that make me rewind, to actually understand what was being said, in order for me to comprehend what was going on.

Aria the animation is one of the few series, that not only takes me to another place, but also makes me relaxe in that place. It doesn’t try to play with my emotions or put me on wrong trails and plot twist me in the end. Aria takes me to another world in the future, that makes you relax in a way that not many other series can. As I said before, this was made possible by the soundtrack. The power of music can be really strong and when used correctly, the viewer becomes a part of another world.


6 thoughts on “Aria the animation and sweet serenity

  1. Moonlitasteria says:

    I really liked Aria. Shame it took me three years to discovery when I came into the slice-of-life genre, but so glad I did. Just love Alice’s personality and how she changes throughout the series ^^

      • Moonlitasteria says:

        Well, guess it is not for everyone, but can agree that the soundtrack was superb. Suggest trying out Tamayura and Hyakko to see if they do anything for you. Those two are my favorites out of the slice-of-life catalog.

      • ninetybeats says:

        I wanted to check Tamayura indeed. I like the slice of genre, but many tend to drift into the boring as they try to emphasize the normal a bit too much.

      • Moonlitasteria says:

        Well, normality is a basic staple of the genre and often not meant to be exciting or thrilling. It is just an window size view into the characters everyday lives that change subtly like yours or mines via seasons, events, etc. But I can understand what you mean. They just take a lot too get used to. ;3

      • ninetybeats says:

        Well I believe that slice of life can be a bit romanticised to at least make it somewhat interesting. Despite that, there are really good ones around that make even daily activities a treat to watch.

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